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Yishai: Lock Up All Illegal Aliens

Deputy Prime Minister/Interior Minister (Shas) Eli Yishai on Wednesday morning told Israel Radio the nation must build additional prisons so all the illegal aliens can be put behind bars. The minister rejected allegations that his policy is racist, explaining that this is the only way the illegals can be prevented from moving around freely.

The interview came after a number of violent horrific attacks have been perpetrated against women in Israel over the past week, with most of the suspects being from Sudan, Eritrea and other African countries.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

4 Responses

  1. Many Bnei Torah are also illegal aliens (arriving under a student or tourist visa, and not bothering to change status, largely to avoid the army). In the case of Christian illegal aliens, who tend to be refugees from the Muslims, it is probably a good idea politically to grant them assignment (after all, they are on our side in the war with the Muslims, and at least they aren’t as anti-Jewish as the secular zionists). For Muslim illegal aliens, unless they have a good reason to wanting to be in Israel, they should be deported. Putting people in jail is expensive and doesn’t make sense unless they are really criminals.

  2. No. 1, Israel can’t be a place of asylum for Christians who are running away from Muslims, if only since most Christian illegal aliens come here because their West African version of Christianity believes in pilgrimage to the Holy Land. They land as tourists and stay on, mainly because Israel is a much more put-together place than Ghana and, especially, Nigeria. Israelis aren’t experienced enough to tell them apart from Ethiopians (Jews or others). As for illegal-alien Bnei Torah, they don’t need asylum; they’re entitled to citizenship at any time.

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