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Names of Victims in Tragic Tiveria Vehicular Crash

The family that was killed in fatal crash R”L resided in Moshav Bar-Yochai in the north, near Kever Rashbi.

The niftarim are Rabbi Rafael Atias, 42, principal of a Tzfat yeshiva, his wife Yehudit, 42, Avia (female-17), a student in a Meron ulpana (high school), twins Elyashiv and Neria Shimon (16), Shira (11), Ta’ir (girl-8) and Noah (girl – 4). Levaya details have not yet been released.

Please continue being mispallel for the lone survivor of the family, Rachel Efrat bat Yehudit.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


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