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CitiField Asifa: A Kiddush Hashem in the Eyes of Law Enforcement

Misaskim received much praise at the conclusion of the Asifa at Citi Field. The acclaim originated from individuals within the law-enforcement community who has been working hand-in-hand with Misaskim for months prior to the event.

One security official expressed his admiration to Misaskim regarding the politeness and respectful attitude of the audience. He remarked that, despite the fact that most of the participants don’t normally visit a ball park, “They navigated very skillfully and found their seats with no trouble at all.”

Citi Field maintains a diverse work force, including its Event Planning Staff. They did a superb job throughout the planning stages. Most of these individuals have had little or no previous exposure to the orthodox community. “Everyone came away with a very positive impression,” said one staff member.

Members of the more than 28 agencies and departments involved in planning and executing the event echoed similar praise. They were astounded by the respectful and dignified behavior displayed by the attendees. The orderliness was a true Kiddush Hashem. The police department created an inner circle on the field that was declared a non-trespassing zone. Not one person attempted to cross the line. Members of the FBI also remarked on the absolute quiet and derech eretz that was evident while rabbonim spoke.

Moving more than 42,000 people in and out of the arena was no small feat. NYPD Chief of Departments, Joseph Esposito, assigned hundreds of officers to coordinate an orderly flow. They worked in conjunction with Traffic Control, Highway Control, Intelligence, Crowd Control, Aviation and several other agencies. The authorities also had to arrange parking for thousands of cars and — according to an official count — 698 busses. Boruch Hashem the entire operation went smoothly, without any significant incidents.

Misaskim wishes to express its gratitude, appreciation, and admiration to all the officials working behind the scenes to ensure security at the Asifa. It is evident that the tireless efforts of Assistant Chief Diane Pizzuti of Patrol Borough Queens North and Captain Tom Conforti, Commanding Officer of Citi Field, were very effective. Mike Rodriguez of the USTA (United States Tennis Association) and Vice President of Security at Citi Field, Rob Kasden, also went out of their way to to ensure that every detail was addressed.

Kasden offered special accommodation for elderly rabbonim in the most respectful manner. He created a frozen zone so that they were able to easily and quickly enter and exit the arena, and he also reserved facilities specifically for them.

Toward the end of the Asifa, Chief Diana Pizzuti of Patrol Borough Queens North, who oversaw the security coordination, was so touched by the self-discipline and co-operation of the attendees that she walked into the arena at the time of maariv to personally witness the crowd singing and davening in unison.

It is apparent that all agencies involved in organizing the Asifa are pleased with the outcome. Misaskim will now draw on its Asifa experience to help plan another gathering – one that promises to be twice as large. The Siyum Hashas will IY”H take place in August, and Misaskim is already gearing up to assist Agudath Yisraek of America in planning this monumental and memorable event.

(YWN Desk – NYC)

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  1. Is this a Chiddush? We are a Mamleches Cohanim V’goy Kodosh & this 42k crowd was the cream of our crop. Who & what are they comparing us to that they are so impressed?

  2. mi k’amche yisroel!
    a stadium that is usually witness to drunken, immoral and obscene behaviour welcomes tahara yidden, gathering to be inspired through tefila, torah and hisorerus – if only the amim knew how were we being mekadesh their venues.

  3. “mi k’amche yisroel!
    a stadium that is usually witness to drunken, immoral and obscene behaviour welcomes tahara yidden, gathering to be
    by something2say on 2012-05-22 at 8:53 am”

    Something to say, apparently you have never been to a Mets game (or any Major League gane for that matter); I have and have never witnessed “drunken, immoral, and obsene behavior.”

    I understand that this article is to pat ourselves on the backs and say nice things about Yidden-however, to say things like 1. Noone ran on the field (almost never happens at sporting events); or 2. That people we intelligent enough to find their seats (huh?) Makes look entirely without credibility. Find something worthwhile and real to praise and trumpet that.

  4. Correction: there were 698 buses, not busses! I don’t know how many people kissed each other at the asifa, but I doubt that the number was exactly 698.

  5. Consider yourself very fortunate if you really can’t imagine the kind of “drunken, immoral and obscene behavior” the ushers and security staff of a major league ballpark have seen over the years. Don’t kid yourself that it doesn’t happen.

  6. It is important to point out, that we as the AM HANIVCHAR should not try to compete with the GOYIM. We are completely different in every aspect. Having said so, any comment related to this piece of news is needless, and even more than that it is pointless. RABOYSAY, let’s keep it this way always, we happen to forgot sometime who we are and what we represent.
    I would like to point out a different view. It bothered me the sitting arrengments, meaning that why the ASKONIM did not think of mixing the crowd. What would it be so terrible that a Lakewood TALMID would seat with a Wiznitzer CHOSID, or a Chazon Ishnik with a Satmar CHOSID. I am sure you get the point. There is a lot to talk about this issue, but here is not the place.
    The main point is that it was a big KIDUSH HASHEM.

  7. Rebyid39

    I used to attend ball games. Im not sure where you put your standards but it appears not very high. Every game I ever attended had numerous people who drank way too much screaming vulgarities and profanities, and using obscene obscene hand gestures. Thats what happens when someones head is buried in shmutz. He becomes immune to anything but the most extreme vulgar behavior.

  8. Why the need to bash goyim or anyone else? Is there such an inferiority complex amongst the frum Yidden that we need to take jabs at people different than us? Does that make the Citi Field Kiddush Hashem any bigger or better?

  9. WIY, you are correct. I am not nearly as heilig and pure as you and am therefore immune to vulgarity, profanity, and obscene behavior.

  10. The whole event was def a Kiddush Hashem , no doubt !
    The fact that Klall Yisroel gathered together in order to improve the internet crisis impressed most Yidden and Goyim alike.

    However, on the other hand, there is an expression in English; ‘Let sleeping dogs lie’.

    No doubt, ther must have been many naive youngsters with problems who are searching for an escape. The more talk about internet temptations, the more challenged they are.
    I hope against hope that no one left the stadium that evening with the desire to explore the inevitable!

  11. Rebyid39
    Either immune or you think its acceptable. For goodness sakes they curse in regular speech in conversation, is there even a havaa amina that their mouths would be anything less than a sewer with alcohol in the system and their emotions involved in the excitement of the game…?

    I have seen women drink and curse at games as well and this was in a section of expensive seats at a knick game at the Garden. Her mouth was a sewer.

    Yes we should be proud that we are different. It is unheard of that in a crowd of 40,000 there wouldnt be any fights….

    Its a beautiful thing that 40,000 could get together and feel a sense of achdus.

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