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Chareidim Arrested in Stamford Hill; Charges Still Unknown

At least three chareidim were arrested by local police in Stamford Hill in London on Monday, Chadrei Chareidim reports. At least 10 residents of the chareidi community have been questioned by police and three are under arrest but details are scarce.

A local court issued a gag order on the case, prohibiting the publication of details surrounding the investigation and arrests. There are rumors and speculation pointing possible money laundering ring while others are speculating the arrests are connected to the sale of stolen property. Once again, these are rumors that remain unsubstantiated but at present there is no official information being released to the media.

The Chadrei report states three policemen entered the Shatz Kollel during the afternoon hours and arrested an avreich who was placed in handcuffs and taken away to the Rizhin Beis Medrash, in the same general area. Police questioned him at that location. The man is an avreich who is the father of two. Witnesses report that his cellular telephone rang and after he answered, police moved in and arrested him, apparently wishing to confirm that number belonged to him. The report adds the avreich asked that they permit him to take his jacket but arresting officers denied the request. After he was questioned he was incarcerated where he remains at this time.

The Rzhin Beis Medrash became a police headquarters as police continued operating in the area.

Witnesses report that “tens” of police vehicles were in the area as the situation unfolded, and askanim, members of the local chareidi community are in contact with local police.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Who will be the first to comment on the fact he answered his phone in a beis medrash? (I guess I am) If he only would have shut it off for learning!!!!

  2. I love it when “askanim” get involved. Why dont they get involved when the “avreichim” are committing the crimes and be oisek to stop them? After all the term askan by definition means to be busy. In that way there would be no need to have any of them arrested in the first place.

  3. Police are investigating an alleged indecent assault on a child by a Stamford Hill man.

    The 24-year-old, believed to be a member of the strictly Orthodox community, was arrested on Sunday afternoon at Paget Road, Hackney. He is still in custody at a north London police station.

    A police spokeswoman said they were still looking for witnesses and anyone with information, urging them to call DI Neale Baldock, from Sapphire Command, on 0207 275 3487 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 for those who wish to remain anonymous.

  4. Only 1 arrested. Not 4. Boruch Hashem he is now home (or almost home). A new family moved here from abroad. This Avreich was paid by someone to give a boy from this family a pair of tzitzit as apparently he was walking around without one. (This avrech sells tzitit). The father, who is mentally unstable told the police he molested his son… Police immediately arrested him. There was no evidence and many testified that this father is a little unstable. The father retracted the claim and BH the man is back with his family.

  5. Lets be don lechaf zechus why he answered his phone maybe his wife is in the 9th month, or his daughter is getting engaged i’m just saying you know nothing about other peoples life so don’t get involved!!!

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