MIRACLE IN BORO PARK: Heavy Aron Kodesh Safe In Belzer Shul Falls On Man; Extricated By FDNY Without A Scratch



In an amazing heart-stopping moment, a man was rescued uninjured from beneath a heavy Aron Kodesh safe, which had fallen and left him trapped inside.

The incident began this morning, when mispallim at the Belzer Shul on 13th Ave and 39th Street in Boro Park, moved the Aron Kodesh to allow them to clean the Shul. They then began removing the 5 Sifrei Torah that were inside the safe.

After 2 of the sifrei torah had been removed, the victim noticed the Aron Kodesh was unsteady and ran forward in an attempt to stabilize it. He was unsuccessful, and the heavy safe fell forward, leaving him trapped inside it, on the ground together with 3 sifrei torah R”L.

Fireproof safes used in an Aron Kodesh are made of heavy reinforced steel, and can easily weigh more than 3000 lbs.

B’chasdei Hashem, the doors of the safe were open at the time, allowing the victim to fit inside the open space and not be struck by any part of the heavy surface. There was also a small open space between the doors of the fallen safe, thus allowing the victim to breath and communicate freely with rescuers.

FDNY firefighters and Hatzolah were called to the scene, and were able to lift the safe and extricate the man.

Thank you to firefighters from FDNY Ladder 148 and Engine 282 worked diligently to free the victim.

(Nat Golden – YWN)


  1. headline sheker misleading the safe did not fall on the man as u wrote it fell with the man inside ,clean up ur act tell the truth , this turns people off to us b/c “we” are liars . Talk streight

  2. Baruch Hashem, he is safe. Perhaps the letters in the Sifrei Torah should be checked to make sure none are posul. Reminds me of the children’s story of a mezuzah falling down because it needed to be checked.

  3. We, the people, are so so thankful to you, ” torahyid”. You’re daagos on our behalf, are so so heartwarming. May you go *Streight* to גן…