Op-Ed: A Family Was Butchered During Their Shabbos Dinner – But They Will Blame Israel


It might make your blood boil, but we are used to it by now. We are prepared for it. It’s always our fault. No matter what we say or do.

But let’s just present a few simple facts to the world:

Last Friday morning, three Israeli police officers were shot by gun-wielding terrorists on the Har Habayis (Temple Mount) – killing two of them in cold blood.

Israel rightfully reacts, and places metal detectors at all entrances to the Mount. (In fact, this writer was STUNNED to hear that there had never been metal detectors there beforehand.)

The Palestinian’s respond by vowing not to pray on the Temple Mount.

Then they threaten violence and declare a “Day Of Rage”.

On Friday, they rioted all day. More than 200 Palestinians were injured in clashes with Israeli Security Forces. Three Palestinians were killed.

On Friday night, a terrorist broke a window in home in the Settlement of Halamish (Chalamish), surprising a family of about 10 inside as they were finishing their Shabbos Dinner and began his stabbing spree.

The animal murdered a 70-year-old grandfather and his son and daughter, in their thirties; A grandmother, aged 68, was badly wounded.

One of the women in the house hid a number of children in one of the rooms, from which she called the police and began shouting into the neighborhood that a terrorist was inside the home.

A neighbor entered the home and shot the terrorist dead.

Palestinian media identified the terrorist as Omar Al-Abed al-Jalil, 19, from the village of Kaubar, near Ramallah.

Now remind me, who started this? Israel, or the animals last Friday who shot up the Har Habyis?

Don’t expect the BBC, Al Jazeera or the anti-Semitic New York Times to present the true facts to you. It’s all Israels fault.

May Hashem avenge their blood speedily and send Moshiach soon.

Yosef Kuperman – Los Angeles

NOTE: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of YWN.



  1. you forgot about the Jews who went to get habayis in the first place that provoked all of this….this should be a lesson to us not the rest of the world.

  2. “Realistic guy” – you are an embarrassment to the Jewish people. Are you also going to blame Jews for the Holocaust? you are a self-hating dhimmi.

  3. Hmm!
    “Don’t expect the BBC, Al Jazeera or the anti-Semitic New York Times to present the true facts to you. It’s all Israels fault”
    If these trash anti-semite newspapers don’t blame it on the Jewish people of Israel they will probably blame it on George W. Bush.
    At least the animal who did this is dead.
    By the way mendoza, even though I agree with you about all Jewish people posessing a weopon I think a rifle will be too clumsy to handle. An Uzi or Pistol would probably be better and easier to handle.

  4. Shocking and very sad that religious Jews believe that claiming our property as stated in the Torah is a provocation, blaming the victim like the BBC. Have we become a nation of weak willed women? Why do Jews sound like liberals who are not even sure of their gender and have no problem with Muslims destroying their national identity? If Arabs would take over your house in the US, would you call it a provocation to take it back? It is in fact these cowardly statements which encourage these acts of terror as any expert on Arab culture (and common sense) will tell you. Imagine you are an Arab in Israel considering an attack. You watch Jewish reactions. If you see committed national resolve you realize you have nothing to gain. Your society would discourage it. It is only when you see the above sort of comments that you think maybe they’ll give in.

  5. Sorry but this time Israel is partially to blame. That doesn’t mean that this monster is right even one percent but in this situation the Israeli government is at least partially to blame why start up with their most sensitive place? And if you read the articles the whole metal detectors are unrealistic to work out etc. So on a sense it’s another example of the price we pay for this whole Medina!

  6. @elazar maybe my words weren’t written as sensitive as they should be and for that I will apologize. however for the message I am trying to help others see I will not. these innocent people did not deserve the this tragedy. my point is only that we as a nation need to see the consequences for our actions and when our gedolim warn of these consequences before hand then we it behooves us to to actually see what our part in this tragedy is….especially when it’s so clear. I empathize deeply with those hurt and my words should not take anything away from the tragedy but to not try and learn from this may lead to worse.

  7. Realistic guy,
    No it wasn’t the fact that Jews were on Har Habayis it started with the Muslims hiding weapons in the Har Habayis and shooting and killing security guards. To take away this threat of Muslims stocking weapons in Har Habayis and attacking Jews they installed metal detectors to check everything going up.
    The Muslim leaders now feel that this is a reason to call a day of rage and to kill Jews. The attack was a result of this.
    Now tell me what did you hear about a gadol about this? Did you hear that a gadol is against setting up metal detectors to protect us? How is Israeli security supposed to secure this situation?