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Chavrusah via Skype

In an effort to find practical answers to safe internet use, this avreich has a different solution.

Everyone knows how essential a chavrusa is in order to grow in Torah learning however with the busy schedules everyone seems to be juggling, there isn’t much time to fit in those extra few minutes of learning. Finding a chavrusah and then working up the energy to get up and go out to learn can take much time and effort for those limited in both.

The Skype Chavrusa program ( is a new initiative that aims to make it easy and practically effortless for someone to obtain a chavrusa.

The idea for the site was borne on the complaints of those people in the work force who claim it is just too hard to pull away from their computers and smart-phones and stick to their daily learning seder all by themselves. Many people complain that when they sit in front of the computer they are pulled to waste valuable time and it causes them a lot of bitul-Torah….This new site will help these people waste no more time, and increase their Torah learning.

The initiative was created by an avreich in Israel with the donations of several baalbatim who were concerned with the decrease in learning that the Internet is causing.

The program is set up in a way that will benefit those with serious long term goals for a study partner, and those hit with a sudden momentary inspiration to learn. The whole process is completely free. All one has to do is register on the website, and search for a chavrusa of his choice. The person then chooses the topic, time, and person he wants to learn with. He then connects with that chavrusa of his choice via Skype, and they learn…It’s as easy as that!

People like the excitement of meeting and connecting with new people. For the first time, the Skype Chavrusa program brings a kosher and holy way to connect with “strangers”. The website was just launched in America and will soon be launched in Israel and South America.

It is a beautiful new project that connects Jews from all over the world and all walks of life through the powers of limud Torah. With this new site ( there are no longer any excuses for not having a chavrusa!

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  1. nothing special. I’ve been using Skype with my “Partner in Torah” for several years.

    but always good to publicize good ideas

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