VIDEOS & PHOTOS: Satmar Summer Camp Gives Campers Fun-Activity With ‘Anti-Israel Protest’ Held On Tisha B’Av



In the midst of Tisha B’Av, a demonstration was held against the State of Israel in a Satmar camp (affiliated with Satmar Williamsburg) in Upstate New York. The camp administration devoted the afternoon hours of the Tisha B’Av fast for the “demonstration”, clearly giving the children an exciting and fun-filled activity on a day that is mourned by Klal Yisroel as the saddest day of the year.

Thousands of boys from the Satmar camps in the Catskills gathered at the main campus in Napanoch NY, with smiling youngsters carrying homemade signs bearing messages such as “Israeli army is not for Jews.” Rows upon rows of chairs were set up on the camp grounds, where a large stage was adorned with banners in English and Hebrew bashing the Israeli government including “Zionism = Brutality” and “Forced draft into the immoral Israel Army is nothing but an attempt to uproot our Judaism.”

The veteran director of the camp, Rabbi David Rosenberg, opened the event, explaining to the children that the first Satmar Rebbe ZATZAL said that every generation is obligated to continue the fight against Amalek. Rabbi Rosenberg had harsh words for those in the Charedi world who attempt to silence the protests, quoting the Satmar Rebbe (of Williamsburg) Shlita’s long held belief that bribery had swayed by many into a coalition with the Israeli government and away from the path of truth.

Several campers addressed the crowd, explaining why the draft was destructive to yeshiva students. 12 year old Moshe Glantz, a grandson of the Satmar Rebbe of WIlliamsburg, had harsh words for the Israeli government and its Charedi supporters while Moshe Lefkowitz, son of respected Satmar askan Beri Lefkowitz, spoke passionately in English for the benefit of the members of the media who attended the protest. Lefkowitz explained how the State of Israel was created for the sole purpose of transforming Charedim into “simple heretics”.

“They are now slowly enforcing chas v’shalom to close all yeshivos, to stop our brothers in the holy land from learning Torah  because this is the only reason why they created the shameful State of Israel,” observed Lefkowitz.

Campers cheered throughout Lefkowitz’s address and once the speeches had concluded the boys marched throughout the camp chanting “Israeli government, shame on you.”

In a statement given to YWN by a Satmar representative, it said that the New York State Police was in attendance. It is unknown why Police resources were needed at a private event held on private property – with no counter-protest.

Meanwhile, another Satmar summer camp affiliated with the Satmar Williamsburg Kehillah held a similar protest last week. That camp is located in Monsey NY. Thousands of children marched and chanted anti-Israel slogans, and carried anti-Israel posters and banners. At least one child spoke in English decrying the Israeli Government.

Last year (Summer 2016), YWN ran an article about other camp “activities” at the Satmar camps. One activity involved the campers all given eggs and when a mock vehicle with the “Prime Minister of Israel” drove through the crowd, the children pelted the vehicle – covering it in eggs. Photos of their activity were published in a Satmar-affiliated newspaper.




(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. YWN I am sickened at you what is your reason to put write this story? To cause sinas chinum right after tisha bav? beside were is your heter to write this loshan hara? Instead of trying to make klal yisrael go against each other learn the halachas of loshan hara. I am literally sickend by your hate that you have for other jews who have a different mihalach. They are following their rebbes and theyre daas torah. however are what about you need to answear for yourself i am ashamed.


  3. come on az1234. Satmar wants this publicized.

    Mamish a hate camp. They can do whatever they want but I do not understand why the Lakewood Rosh Yeshivas for example and other Litvish align themselves with Satmar. Same with the Yated and Hamodia, why put them in your newspaper.

  4. to az1234: You are sickened? There is no greater hatred than the hatred of the despicable satmat chasidim. Just look at the pictures and see how they poison the minds of little children! How dare you! Following the rebbe and daas torah? This is not daas torah. If you think it is, then I dont know which torah you follow. Even Reb yoilish was not this despicable. Unfortunately, his 2 great nephews are hate filled egomaniacs who would be working at B&H if not for their dna. There are no other jews that teach this kind of hatred. And then they wonder why young kids are running from satmar in droves. And yes, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!

  5. az1234
    One wonders if there is any reason to respond as this has been said so many times in past years, but here goes a short version. This is designed as a very public event designed intentionally for publicity so there is no such a concept of “loshan hara” for reporting it. In fact, I would consider it “loshan hara” for hiding these events from the public, because it is necessary to show the public what trap NOT to fall into despite their outward appearance (“trappings”) of frumkeit.

    Don’t argue falsities such as “their rebbes” and “theyre daas torah”. First, because their “their rebbes” and “theyre daas torah” deliberately want this publicity (anyone think the videos could be taken without their consent?) so you are contradicting yourself by claiming at the same time that this is “loshan haras”. So implicitly you are also accusing “their rebbes” and “theyre daas torah” of “loshan Harah”!

    But to the real point, this is nothing but sick politics pure and simple.

  6. One more thing: “To cause sinas chinum right after tisha bav?”
    They are teaching sinas chinam ON TISHA B’AV!!
    Other than Bikur Cholim, the world would be much better off without these sick satmar fools.
    Funny how they use that as an excuse to do all the evil things that they do, “But we do bikur cholim!!”

  7. I hate to say this, but I don’t see how they are different from Hamas Yimach Shimam. They are teaching their children to hate the State of Israel. You don’t have to agree with everything the state does, and I certainly don’t But a Yid is still a Yid. Even one who is not frum. It’s really mind boggling.

  8. These people are honestly following in the footsteps of there revered leader the saintly Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum of Satmar zy”a. They are giving the children a fun lesson in political science in accordance to their worldview. Many of us grew up learning about our relationship with the state of Israel. These kids are being taught their position. Its heartwarming that they are being taught that the world listens when we make noise. Its is also nice that they are being taught some sentences in English. Its also remarkable that they allow a boy to prepare remarks in honor of the occasion. How many of us or our children have been given the opportunity to exercise our right to free speech at such a young age and take part in a political rally? It is a truly American phenomenon.
    Regarding the argument of teaching hate, don’t we bring our kids to Parshas Zachor and also teach them to bang at the mention of Haman’s name? We have no problem with teaching hate so long as it is sanctioned by the teachings of our Rabbis. So how can we condemn them for doing the same in accordance with their Rabbis. The Satmar Rov certainly taught that Zionists are the modern day Amalekim. Reb Elchonon Wasserman taught the same. I’m not advocating for that view, but I don’t understand how everyone jumps on the bandwagon of condemnation.

  9. Funny how all of YWN’s criticism seems to be reserved for Satmar, NK, and the like. I can’t figure out why there is no parallel criticism of the leftist views on the state, much of which is similar or worse than what Satmar et. al. are saying. Why if the leftists say it — it’s OK, but if a frum Jew says it — wow, there aren’t enough ways to denounce their wicked ideas. Perhaps it’s because much of the leftist anti-Israel rhetoric doesn’t make it to the U.S. (although J-Street does a pretty good job), whereas Satmar, which is U.S.-based, somehow makes its way to the YWN reporters. Maybe YWN’s Israel Desk ought to do some investigative reporting on what the left wing movements are up to here in Israel. I’m just worried that Satmar will always, automatically, be viewed in the most negative light possible. If someone is convinced their preconceived notions are always correct, they generally don’t want to be bothered with the facts. The way things stand now: a secularist denounces the state — seems to be acceptable. But a frum Jew who reproaches the state — THAT’S unacceptable. Can’t be permitted for some and forbidden to others.

  10. One thing must be noted. I can not imagine it true that the Satmar rebbe said the Zionists are Amalek. Especially regarding Mizrahi. If he did maybe he meant Before Israel became a country with millions of Jews living there surrounded by savage enemies. It is well known tat Aguda actually was a SIGNATOR ON THE DECALARTION OF ISRAELI INDEPENDENCE. What i DO KNOW – is these are MILLIONS OF YIDDEN – Including many hundreds of thousands of Shomer Torah UMitsvos!! This is not DIFFFICULT to Understand! The existence of Israel is a reality for over 60 years!
    The Soldiers that protect the millions of Jews there including the Chassidim and Yeshivish populations are HEROS! Those that publicly join with Savages in Demonstrations against Israel are TRAITORS OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE – Like MOSRIM of Old. In Shemone Esre the VLamalshinim Al THe Tikva REFERS TO SUCH PEOPLE.

  11. Zerachya Licht

    This isn’t like Parshas Zachor. In Parshas Zachor, we are speaking a out the general idea of evil. We talk about a villain who tried to kill all of the Jews. It doesn’t make us hate any people in the real world. It’s like the fight of good against evil.

    But what they are teaching the children is that they should hate any Jews who buy into the idea of Zionism. That means in a very real and practical way, hating all kinds of Jewish people who are our brothers, people who seem and act like regular normal fine people. People who we are commanded by The Torah to love. It includes many shomrei Torah umitzvos. It is clearly against halacha to hate a Jew because of Zionism even if Zionism is wrong and even if it’s heresy. Why don’t you see what The Tania says about how narrow the category is of Jews we may hate. Many Zionists believe Zionism is a mitzva. Certainly, even if they are wrong, they are not meaning to violate The Torah. And even if they are, they are still not excluded from the mitzva of ve’ahavta etc. So how could it possibly be ok to hate such Jews?!

    Additionally, the kids don’t understand the issues. The only message they are getting is to hate anyone who doesn’t agree with Satmar. Could such a message be kosher?!

    No it’s chazer traif!!

  12. I’m not sure at this point if the Satmar rabbonim and askanim who produce these disgusting anti-medinah demonstrations really care about the contempt with which they are held by the majority of yidden. Its quite likely that Rav Yolish, if he were alive to see how his words have resulted in such sinas chinam would have disowned his own children who perpetuate this ugliness. As to the poor children, hopefully some may be yotzeh to grow up without the hatred of EY and live a normal life rather than being subjected to this kind of abuse

  13. american_yerushalmi

    Ironically the Satmar shito would be the answer to your question. Satmar is always saying that we have to show that Zionists don’t represent Judaism. The J Street crowd is so far removed from Torah that it wouldn’t occur to anyone (Jew or non-Jew) that they represent it. Therefore there is less need to disassociate from or condemn it (from a Satmar perspective)