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WATCH: Shocking Videos Of Satmar Day Camp Activities Emerge On Social Media


In the attached videos currently viral on social media, there are two clips combined.

The clips were taken in the past two weeks at two separate Satmar day camps.

The first part of the video was taken at a camp affiliated with the Satmar Rebbe of Williamsburg, HaRav Zalman Leib Teitelbaum Shlita. The children are seen holding a fake anti-Israel protest, with the children making anti-Israel signs and chanting anti-Israel slogans.

The second part of the clip was taken at a camp affiliated with the Satamr Rebbe of Kiryas Yoel, HaRav Aharon Teitelbaum Shlita. In this camp activity, the young children are all given eggs and when the mock vehicle with the “Prime Minister of Israel” drives through the crowd, the children pelt the vehicle – covering it in eggs. Chants of “Bibi Netanyahu shame on you!” can be heard as the children cover the vehicle in eggs.

If that’s not disturbing enough, the egging incident was taken a step further.

Not only were the children thought to throw things at someone you disagree with, not to mention a moving vehicle, and not only was the blatant disregard for Baal Tashchis displayed on a mass scale – but the newspaper (Der Blatt) aligned with this Satmar faction proudly covered this story. (See attached photos)

If anyone wonders where the deep hatred comes from to yell Nazi at other Jews, to have the Chutzpah to call 100-year-old Mahigei Hador “reshoyim” and “lowlives”, it begins at age 5 and ends in violent Hafganos in Meah Shearim, where public property is destroyed, the lives of tens of thousands are inconvenienced and people are violently attacked.

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Deeply painful.
    I have no words.
    That Yidden can sink to this…
    We who have the potential to reach the stars;
    But sink beneath the dust when we forget who we are.
    Chamol aleinu ve’al ollaleinu ve’tapeinu…


  3. For all the haters here 1) its nothing wrong with it, cause israel is against the torah & against hashem so we MUST be mocha on it if not you are doing a sin.
    2) where war you all when the israely natzis brutally knocking our jews in מאה שערים? That time i dont see your anger at all.

  4. This Evidence of Brain Washing in Both Factions of Satmar! of Being LIKE NETUREI KARTA is Enough. It is Evidentally NOT TRUE Neturei Karta is NOT SATMAR! They are the Front Line Soldiers of Satmar! I am Very Happy to be in Aguda TYpe Camps and Schools where we had Photos and Admired Gedolim of ALL KINDS. We were taught All Yisroel of All Stripes is Kodesh – Holy! The Jews in the Desert Had 12 Flags for Each Tribe and 4 Flags for each group of 4. We had different points of focus but united around the Mishkan – Torah and G-d. Together we were ONE and in our Diversity we Brought out Our Combined Full Strength as the Am Hashem! Onthe Footsteps of Tisha Bav which we mourn due to Sinas Chinam – Jewish Inter Hate! we should focus on Ahavas Chinam – Achdus – Unity! SHAME!! With such anti Israel Indoctrination to Protest in Satmar the rest of Frum Yidden Must make sure to Counter Act the Traitors of Am Yisroel – Am Hashem by engaging in public Support of the Security of Israel!! Almost Half All Yidden MIRACULOUSLY are Ingathered there, in our Holy Anscestral Home! Surrounded by vicous Islamic Terrorists and Hostile neighbors we must make sure to uphold AL TAAMOD AL DAM RAYACHA! Maybe some yeshivas which took Money from Satmar should rethink that – for potentially taking funds from BOGDAY YISROEL.

  5. This is about the most disgusting episode I’ve ever seen on YWN. I’m sure there will be those who rationalize it as somehow OK because it conforms with the message of the Satmar rebbe(s). However, to indoctrinate children with such hatred of EY and engage in this gutter style behavior should itself assure that the responsible adults will lose their chelek of olam haboh. Words are insufficient for this chilul hashem and if they were, they wouldn’t meet the high editorial standards of YWN.

  6. Its only a few self hated jews showing their true colors i suggest they dont waste time and continuing stealing from the government which is totally against the halacha

  7. 7: There’s a way to be moiche and a way not to be, and this is the way not to be. We don’t teach violence. That’s what the goyim and tzioynim do. We teach that our first place is in the beis medrash, and, if necessary, under the direction of gedoilei hapoiskim, to enter into politics or have peaceful demonstrations. Just because some cheider rebbe or some camp counselor decides to do something doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.

  8. Those that say or think that there is nothing wrong with these kids or how they are being taught and raised, then something is really wrong with You!
    This behavior is unacceptable by all standards

  9. I prayed today ולמלשינים אל תהי תקוה וכל המינים כרגע יאבדו….והזדים מהרה תעקר….. that hatred that my father and grand father and great grand father all the way to my grand father PINCHUS BEN ELUZER HAKOHEN that killed the NOSI reb ZIMRY. THE BLOG SHAL BE CHANGED FROM YESHIVA to REFORM WORLD

  10. First the good news: In the video, the Satmar kids are chanting in English.

    The bad news: Teaching kids to throw eggs at political or religious opponents. More bad news: I got a piece of mail today asking me to donate to a charity that provides food for poor Jews. Those eggs were wasted on unsound pedagogy.

  11. SO SAD!!! Regardless of ones hashkafa on the medina, teaching yiddishe kinderlach “GUTTER STYLE BEHAVIOR” and disgusting sinas yisroel for millions of yiddishe neshomos kedoshos who are tinokos shenishbu, runs against every grain of Torah, mussar and avaadeh against chassidus.

    They claim בטלה תורת הבעל שם Its because THEY are pillaging and sullying the derech of the Baal Shem Tov thats why its בטלה.

    This is NOT the derech of the Baal Shem Tov!! The derech of chassidus was unconditional ahavas yisroel.

  12. to the Rebbe Yid – you say “goyim and tziyonim” teach violence. For your information – Many non Jews are very kind and NICER than Many Yidden. Secondly, when you say “Tziyonim” – what do YOU and Others that Brain Washedly just Protest “Against the Tziyonim”. Who are the Tziyonim???? I understand BEFORE THE STATE OF ISRAEL there was an Ideological battle between Zionism and those against. I also understand there were episodes of the Israeli government being harmful of the religous community’s way of life, namely mainly in the 1950’s. But now there ia a Country of 6 Million Yidden in Israel, in Erets Yisroel! where there are many yeshivas and bate medrash and kollelim. When you say Tziyonim – do you mean the government – are you saying all the Chareidi members of the government and the rest??? Do they teach violence! Do you mean the Country of Israel! Or are you so Brain Washed Meshuga you Werent Evben Thinking

  13. this is a bankrupt chasidus filled with hate
    hate against anyone that is diff
    hate klosenburg hate lubavich
    hate vishnitz
    only they are right

    5 year old
    no riding bikes no ball
    just throwing eggs
    great chinuch

    everybody by them is a shaigetz only they are right

  14. Yeshiva World News!!! What is the purpose of this article? To show why there is pain and suffering in this world? These men should be put in charim for teaching such wicked behavior . They are destroying the world. A side note, how about wasting all those eggs. Isn’t there enough suffering? I am embarrassed to be part of a nation that is full of stupid individuals. What a chilul HaShem. I daven for Mashiach.

  15. Gadol hador, everything that isn’t reform or conservative disgusts you. You are a reform Rabbi.

    I think we have to see both sides. This is extreme behavior. If you are Satmar, you have every right to teach the rebbe’s hahkafa. To take it to this extreme is simply wrong.

    On the other side of the equation, we should feel equally upse about the erosion of Yiddishkeit, mechallul shabbas, and rise of Yesh Atid. The same 35 comments on this piece, should be voicing their displeasure when it comes to all forms of Chillul Hashem.

    Where are all the comments for the new Toeva kindergarten curriculum? what about IDF beard shaving? How about michallul shabbas each and every week.

    Shame on you for yelling about this on YWN, and not on the disintegration of yiddishkeit in Israel.


  16. When Hitler killed Jews he didn’t really care who you were and what your beliefs are . So in essence we are all the same in the eyes of the world. As much as you dislike to hear it but you are ONE with EVERY Jew so it simply doesn’t make sense the hatred you are showing towards one of you own people. With the right thinking YWN and everyone else should be hiding this under the rug…. And that’s regardless if it’s right or wrong.

  17. It’s time we all recognized Satmar for the disgrace that they are.

    They have 2 leaders who can’t get along. Indeed, they actually had fighting in the streets on the yartzeit of their father, outside the cemetery, because they couldn’t agree on who would walk in first!

    They took their battles to the public courts.

    They didn’t become Rebbes because they deserve it – they got it because they had good lawyers. While I’ve heard plenty of Divrei Torah from their great-uncle, I’ve never heard anything from them. I never heard anything which shows them to be talmidei chachomim or yirei Shamayim. They just have good lawyers.

    One comment above said Satmar is bankrupt. No, if it was, they wouldn’t be fighting over it. They control vast amounts of money and influence, and that is why they want to be in charge. If anything, they bankrupt other areas.

    Satmar is like a virus – they exist only to reproduce. They target a host (a town or city), strip it of all its resources (such as school funding, food stamps, WIC, subsidized housing), and when there’s nothing left, they move on to the next host.

  18. to Naftali99, I was having trouble understanding your post about your father, grand father and great grandfathers hatred??And I wasnt sure if you were proud or complaining about Pinchas for killing Zimri?
    A lesson I think from Pinchas is at times we Must Stand up. Those times seem to be clearly by Al Taamod Al Dam Rayacha – as per the Chumash. This is not such a case as baruch hashem the eggs were thrown as part of the show and not harming anyone (PhysicallY) I do mean it is imperitave to be Mispallel and Learn Torah and Say Tehilim and PUBLICLY STAND UP for Our Fellow Yidden in Erets Yisreol when their security is at stake. Maybe thats what you meant. And to Expose the Oyvai Yisroel – when they seek to publicly harm millions of Yidden. We should all Show Unity and Brotherly Love to Satmar Yidden and All Kinds of Yidden (yes there are different kinds of Tierra (?) Yidden, Yankel) including the millions in Our Holy Land.

  19. There is no point in arguing with all the quasi-Zionist amei ha’aretz who comment but I’m proud that there are still some sane Jews in the world who are loyal to Hashem.

  20. Alterg1 you are so wrong we are supposed to love all jews no matter what they say what these satmar people are doing is so wrong.

  21. This vedio is no different, than the vedio showing Hamas teaching their kids in camps to kill and destroy Israel.May Hshem have mercy on us and send us Messiach NOW,even though we are not worthy for Messiach .Gut Shabbos.

  22. I’m sure Hashem is shepping grois yiddisher nachas. (And for those who don’t get sarcasm that’s exactly what this is). How embarrassing it is for Yidden when the world of social media who don’t understand what thisbis all about see this disgrace.

  23. and how many of those wasted eggs were paid for by us taxpayers through the SNAP (food stamps) or summer feeding programs for the poor?

    So many of this particular group take government handouts in the USA and to throw perfectly good food away is disgusting.

  24. those poor kids could have gotten hurt with all those eggs flying back and forth. they should have worn goggles.

    you know what these kids are going to grow up to be? they are going to grow up to be fine satmar adults who understand that as kids they were sold a fake bill of goods and – like their parents – they will grow to be good yidden with a lot of resentment towards their schools. this is how most satmar adults feel today. great yidden who view what they were put through as kids either with resentment or view it as foolishness.

    what i dont get is this: if they hated their schooling so much why are they subjecting their children to the same thing? why wont the satmar masses speak up? we know they loathe these scenes as much as every other yid.

  25. And to think these kids great grand parents were in Auschwitz, is unbelievable. They are probably turning in their graves. Most of them were clean shaven not so long ago. It is when the son-inLaws started wearing shtreimlech, that they also grew a beard and wore a shtreimel.
    For them to be so stupid and full of hate. They live off the fat of the land both here and in Israel. Not working. Let them stay in Monroe and they should be kicked out of the holy land because they make it dirty. They behave like the worst goyim.

  26. While I understand the Satmar community’s stance on Israel and Zionism, I find it hard to believe that either of the Satmar rebbes would condone any form of violence. Also, Satmar as a whole has long condemned Neturei Karta since their attendance at a Holocaust denial conference in Iran, at which time Satmar has disassociated itself from them.

  27. The Gemara says that Torah and Chessed will save the Yidden from the terrible and mind boggling Yissurim that may come in the future. One Amorah said Moshiach should come, but I don’t want to be there right before his arrival. Only Torah and Chessed will save us. Maybe Satmar can make a brand new summer activity and we will call it, “Let us all go together and help out the Satmar Bikur Cholim”. This will be a true Chessed.

  28. While I am not surprised at all of Satmar behavior, by the way proving again and again that Naturei Karta is not much different from them as some people like to always point out. I thank YWN for posting this article as it may be an eye opener to some people who would never imagined in their worst dream that Little Jewish Kids are taught not to love other Jews, not to do hesed, not to do mitzvas, but actually hate other Jews, waste good food, and instead of learning act just like Palestinians kids that we see very often. When our kids act this way what can we expect from Arab Kids? When our own Jews hate their own, what do you expect from goyim? It’s a shame but that is a real word, and no wonder why Mashiach is not here yet. I saw some of the “talmid chochamim” on YWN suggested that it was a pure Lashon Harah? Really, did n;t you see the part when it was written that the article and photos are reprinted from satmar newspaper who is actually proud of those actions. Actually there are many people on YWN who also agree that it was a great act and are very proud of it, so i doubt they would call it Lashon Harah. But there was one who commented that Yesh Atid popularity is growing in Eretz Yisroel. Yes, of course it is growing, and Satmar’s acts like this one contributes to that, and I’m sure after this videos Yesh Atid got even more popular, but you can not really blame people who are disgusted with the way some frum people act in public.

  29. DaMoshe you spread anti semitism just like the people you speak against! YWN just the same! Didn’t hitler in a speech to his generals say that anti semitism is just a matter of cleanliness, and like delousing, not ideological at all?
    Well informed people lnow that sometimes a kannaie will overstep his bounds. (didn’t chazal say “sinah mikalkeles es hashurah”?) BUT only fools think that the kanaie is just nuts or completely out of line.
    We all know (if we will be honest to ourselves, anyway) that the state of isreal has done some really bad things,(no time to elaborate). We also know that אוהבי ד’ שנאו רע those who love hashem HATE (yes HATE) evil. It is that simple, Dovid hamelech said it that way, stop trying to love sinners in the guise of ahavas yisroel, instead stand behind the banner of those who are willing to stand up for Hashem.
    If all a hafganah means to you is an “inconvenience or a disturbance” you obviously do not love Hashem.
    and remember! there were those who thought that Pinchos was wrong, the got Honorable Mention in the medrash as WRONG,

  30. #22
    You seem to feel that I have semicha from HUC (the Mir of the reform movement) because as a frum yid, I’m still disgusted (along with 90 percent of the other posters) with the child abuse depicted in this video. Hashem yarachem on you and the those who support this behavior.

  31. I was just informed by two separate sources that both incidents took place in AROINIM DAY CAMPS.

    Please verify, and if it indeed is true, you should rewrite your headline with this clarification.

    BTW, regardless of who perpetrated this horrible scenario, it is unforgivable that children should be indoctrinated in this way. This looks no different from the scenes of the Palestinian children displaying their (from birth) hatred towards us.


  32. I comment very infrequently however this story needs comment1This story is real lashon harah from top to bottom and I don’t understand what could possibly be the heter to post it ( I would live to hear from the excuse)2I think that any sane human would agree that the behavior is horrible to me and u and should never be done by us ,however we need to understand that the satmar shita was to have such protests for real when the rebbes in satmar felt that it is appropriate to do so . That being said j don’t think it is the biggest crime in the world although I don’t think that it should be encouraged that doing such protests are a FUN activity rather it should be done and l’shaim shamayim when decided . Once again I will point out the I DO NOT agree with the behavior done just trying to help some try to understand the behavior and psychology behind such activities whether right or wrong . So pls let’s try to quite down this machlokes we’re still in the week of tisha b’av … 3 I would like to point out one VERY big difference between the satmar ideology and the l’havdil the niturai karta who think too that they are doing mitzvos but is much harder for us to be melamed zchus for them , which is , that satmar although they have a very strong shita against the state of Israel u will NEVER find them meeting with or worse with the Palestinian terrorists they are just against the medina which most of us frum Jews really are too (at times for sure like things we just saw the other day in yeshiva world they are trying to promote in the education of kindergartens …. And those things just prove that the satmar rebbe was right at least in shita …) however the niturai karta really do horrendous things that have very little room for limud zchus. In summary I believe that this whole topic should not have made it on a YESHIVA website and once it’s on we should try to not promote loshon harah. Gut shabbos and may we get the nechama that we all need so strongly in our private lives and all of Klal yisroel

  33. To: Yerushalmi in exile:
    Right before the second חורבן , there were many קנאים who did all kinds of things. Eventually the חורבן
    came and most of the קנאים did not make it.
    פינחס הכהן was 100% for the sake of Hashem. Most קנאים
    are not 100% לשם שמים.
    100% means -as an example-an employer wants and tries to demand from his employees 100% loyalty 100% dedication no cell phones at work no shmuzing no eating just work work and work and also come on time, not even 1 minute late.

  34. First the throwing of eggs should not be allowed under any circumstances. But disagreeing with a mechallel shabbos or a bal avera is perfectly ok. Actualy it’s a chuyiv to be moicha.

  35. Ywn will bear the responsibility for all the people that read this lushin hora the hate rd in brought and for posting this extreme important news .boy the day will come for din vachashvin .i am not mochel for the time being just for reading the titel never mind i never read the article or watched the video there was enough lushin hora on the title which was hard to avoid.

  36. The ikar is, they won’t chas vishalom consume any chalav stam or paas akum. Only Chassidishe hechsherim. Let’s hope they don’t throw eggs at those blue shirt wearers at the OU, OK, StarK, Chaf K, etc…

  37. There were 48 comments before my post and so likely no one will see mine other than the moderator and the Aibershter!
    How dare YeshivaWorld post this story in the week of Tisha’a B’Av? What Ahavas Yisroel will posting it accomplish? In fact the only thing it could accomplish is widespread לשון הרע and שנאת ישראל from within!
    Why did YWN report it?

  38. May all the haters of Medinat Yisrael and its government be zoche to give as much money to yeshivot and kollelim as they do.

  39. Could someone explain why this is lashon hara when the egg throwing was done in public, on a city street, in broad daylight and reported in a Satmar newspaper before being reported on Yeshiva World News?

  40. I just want to make one observation it has been quoted in the name of the Satmar rebbe that when you are educating children you have to plan as if moshiach is not coming for 1000 years what Satmar has to accept is that there’s is a demographic time bomb that could be potentially very explosive as the reality is that the Satmar community in America is very large at the same time the chareidi community is predicted to be possibly a third of Israel in 2050 inherently the chareidim will have to be more integrated in the state so while most of the Satmar vilification is presently primarily directed at the secular it will increasingly be directed at chareidim that associate with the state at the same time Satmar will be exponentially more numerous which will increasingly require them to interact with the broader orthodox public the result will either be an explosion of antagonism challila or perhaps a modification which enables some reproachment I hope it is the latter

  41. I agree with verizon49, except from the arabs we expect such things, not from our own. But, in the days before Moshiach, all will be revealed. And you yidden sitting over there smug in your nests, do not think that you will be here for the crowing of Moshiach. You will be lucky to make it at all. As long as you continue to believe that you are somehow better than us because you live over there on the “holy soil” (sic) of the satan, rather than perform the mitzvah of settling the Land and joining the fight with us to make it kadosh, you cut yourselves off from the Am, completely, forever. When Moshiach is crowned, and it will be very soon, you will be lucky if you can watch it on your smartphone devices, or the TV if you can find one your holier than thou homes.

  42. kneidel: You attack DaMoshe as being anti-semetic for speaking the truth, but not one word about the Chillul Hashem from these videos and it’s attack against Jews.

    The real Satmar Rebbe, ZT’L, would never do such a thing in public, especially among the anti-semetic Eisav.

    We know that this generation is gilgulim of
    Dor Hamidbar, of which 50% were eirev rav. We just saw a clear example of it on the video.

  43. You are very sad people . You do a tremendous job when it comes to bkur cholim and your hatzalah is great. But that is the extent to your goodness and kindness. You are an uneducated group of chassidim who are causing problems for all the Jews all over the world. Maybe if your parents would have given you the love and affection and taught you what the meaning of the word Erlich is you people would be normal today. You are a disgrace to the Torah if you know what that is. You are a disgrace to mankind. Why don’t you take your whole community and move to a cave and be isolated from this world.

  44. Here is why as an average frum yid i feel these people are MORE WRONG then the people they demonstrate against.
    When normal Jew sins they feel somewhat bad and know they have sinned regardless are their frum standard, these people have turned hate into a religion and have justified hating other jews. This is why it this is the worst type of Avairoh, they thick radicalism = frumness, its an endless spiral of Gaavoh & warped thinking.

    And to those people who try to justify this radicalism – you know yourselves that the Torah’s image of ‘being moiche’ and ‘kanaie’ is light years away from this.

    Making young innocent boys into extremists belongs in Raqqa, not in any jewish community anywhere, ever.

  45. There is this story about a bunch of boys throwing eggs at cars.

    Then there are two stories next to it one about how the adults in the City of Tel Aviv are planning on ensuring all children in the city are taught the exact opposite of what the Torah teaches.

    Another story relates how the educational arm of the State of Israel has decided that women cannot even be given the option of learning in an environment that is conducive to Torah values.

    Pritzus must be mandated.

    And yet the outrage of certain posters is directed at a bunch of children at a mock rally protesting the State that legislates against Torah while claiming to represent Jewry.

  46. Reuben
    If your intention is to publicise a derogatory comment…it makes no difference if it was done in public or in news papers.
    Ywn blew it this time

  47. satmer is a reform group that is still connected somehow with the jewish nation but is reaching the point of no return the only hope is that the followers are going to leave and make aliah

  48. YWN did a toeles here, and kudos to him. It’s ok, the Satmar pr machine will be out in force trashing YWN and anyone else who doesn’t agree with them.

    That’s Satmar’s problem. They have no idea how to accept anyone elses view. And they are welcome to have their own shita, and even to teach their children their shita. But violence? training young children to throw things at the cars of people you disagree with?

    Shameful, and despicable.

  49. 56- It’s not lashon hara at all. Satmar thinks anything they do can’t be discussed anywhere.

    Not to worry, Der Blatt will blame YWn….just like they did after removing Hilary from the newspaper 7 years ago.

  50. people just love yelling “lashon hara”.

    meanwhile, when these animals sent THOUSANDS to protest rav shteinmans first visit to NY not one person counter protested. We sat idly as these subhumans screamed “HERZEL, HITLER, SHTEINMAN”

    Happened at the massive kabolas ponim for rav shteinman at the 18 Avenue park in boro park.

    Sick beheimos. Anyone who has an issue with YWn publishing this needs to have their head examined. They are so deranged it’s not even funny anymore. they get away with anything and everything. No accountability. Everyone is a shigetz. Everyone is a lowlife. Everyone is a tziyoni foi.


  51. I grew up with Zalman Leib and he used to be a good guy. I am shocked at this. What doesn’t surprise me is Aaron does this or promotes this he is the zealot. Yes I grew up in Boro Park i davened in Siget. But to see this is embarrassing to every Jew. Vhi Shaomda Lavoseini Veloni. Yet in this day and age our own people want to destroy us. Shaloi Echod Umad Ulaini Lechaloseini
    People are saying this is loshon horo maybe but anyone that doesn’t stand up against this might as well be a Muslim or a Nazi

  52. I will painfully say, I saw some of these pictures shabbos on my satmar newspaper and I was very upset. My family too. Wrong day camp activity at both day camps.Sorry for this low calibre day camp quality, chinuch and for huge chilul hashem. The rebbes of these 2 should be shown their community publications. The Rebbes have no idea what’s being published there.

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