CBS 2 Report on the Siyum Hashas


Tonight’s crowd at the Meadowlands will be bigger than that of any Giants or Jets game.

MetLife Stadium will be host to over 90,000 Jewish faithful.

The celebration is the 12th Siyum HaShas, the completion of the study of the Talmud.

“Explanation and the commentary on the bible,” said logistical director Rabbi Yosef Golding.

That’s all 2,711 pages. Participants study one each day.

“It’s seven and a half years running – day in and day out,” Golding told WCBS 880 reporter Jim Smith.

He said Wednesday night’s event will feature, singing, dancing, and inspirational words.

The event will also be beamed to 120 sites around the world. Then on Friday, the cycle begins anew for the next celebration in 2020.

Organizers call it the “largest celebration of Jewish learning in the last 2,000 years” and packing the stadium is no easy task.

“Take a football stadium and basically turn it in to a synagogue for the day,” Golding said.

Extra security will be on hand at the stadium. Transportation officials expect delays along Routes 3, 17 and 120.

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