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Local Newspaper Writer Slams Media For Inaccurate Reporting On Romney Visit

The following was written by Phil Stilton in the Jackson Family Magazine. In his article he rips the media for their inaccurate reporting when Mitt Romney visited Lakewood, Wednesday evening.

A few strange things happened at Mitt Romney’s visit to Lakewood Township today, where guests dropped $1,000 each to see the candidate.

The motorcade did come crashing through the parking lot at a high rate of speed, with what appeared to be Secret Service agents waving people out of the way as they passed the front entrance to the back of the building, to be in the room with the Presidential Candidate. The scene unfolded at the the Lake Terrace banquet hall, located within the township.  Lake Terrace is not a town, as reported on some major media outlets tonight.

Waiting at the front entrance for Romney was a handful of supporters and a lone journalist, me.  I had spoken to those waiting prior to the arrival, in which they were all eagerly awaiting the arrival of, potentially, our next President.

They were told by Lake Terrace and Lakewood Police personnel that Romney would be entering through the front gate.   When the motorcade sped past, it was this group, and not a wedding party that ran around the corner to get a glimpse of a man some in the group told me the admired and were excited.  One even brought his two year old daughter for a chance to see Romney.

The wedding party, which had been taking some pictures in front of the establishment, did not chase Romney.   You can see this by looking at the photos I took prior while the bride and groom were taking pictures out front.

I had also spoken to a couple of bridesmaids a few minutes earlier who said that, essentially the booking of Romney at the hall, ruined the wedding.   The wedding was planned first, according to the bridesmaids.

While this is not to discredit the press pool who tagged along for the 90 mile per hour ride through New Jersey, as one claimed, you can’t really get a full story, nor the right story when passing through a parking lot at speeds estimated in the 30 plus miles per hour range…through a full parking lot.

A lot happened.  Local media was blocked, protesters were hidden from view of the pool photographers, it was a Jewish wedding, but nobody from the wedding party chased Romney.

Let’s dissect the national and international headlines of those who weren’t there.

NY TIMES – In New Jersey, Romney Is an Unexpected Guest at an Orthodox Wedding
A very fair assessment of what transpired.  The bride and groom were not happy about the fiasco that became their wedding.

WASHINGTON POST –  Romney entourage crashes NJ wedding site
Absolutely accurate headline.  Hopefully Lake Terrace makes good on the events that transpired to this new and young couple.

HUFFINGTON POST (AOL) – Mitt Romney’s Motorcade Chased By Pack Of Orthodox Jews
Who ever expects HuffPo to get ANYTHING right?  This is borderline anti-semetic because it was not JUST members of the Orthodox Jewish community.  HuffPo is a liberal rag that will say anything to make Romney look bad.  Completely wrong.

ABC NEWS – Romney campaign takes press pool on a wild ride
From what I have been told, but cannot confirm it was quite the ride.  How the motorcade came blazing into the parking lot could substantiate this.

ASBURY PARK PRESS – Romney rakes in Republican cash in Lakewood
There is no doubt about it. This was a bank job by Romney. In and out with a fistful of cash. You can always count on local media to get it right, even if they were completely blocked from the event.

POLITICKER – Romney Motorcade Mobbed by Orthodox Jewish Wedding Guests
Shame on them for getting this one wrong and taking the word of a pool journalist who was on scene of all of about 20 seconds before making this assumption.

TELEGRAPH, UK – US election: Mitt Romney’s motorcade pursued by Orthodox Jews
Not quite pursued and not just Orthodox.

CBS – Wedding party ditches bride and groom to glimpse Romney
The most absurd headline.  This never happened.

COMEDY CENTRAL – Mitt Romney Crashes Jewish Wedding
It’s a sad day in journalism history when Comedy Central is the most accurate source of the event beyond local media who was on the ground.

For the sake of accuracy in the media, can you all please get it right.  There is no town called Lake Terrace, NJ. It  was Lakewood, NJ … AT the Lake Terrace banquet facility.

And yes, there was a man running around wearing an American flag, but he too was nowhere near the motorcade, he was on the corner of Oak St. where the police moved him.

Nobody attempted to scale a wood fence.   The man poked his camera through a missing slat in the fence.   The fence was only around 10 feet long.  Anyone who wanted to ‘scale it’ could have easily just walked around it.

(Source: Jtown)

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  1. Why do you act so surprised. I personaly know of several news items that made it into the media and it was never
    accurate, there was always a mistake made in the report.

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