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Leftists Calling on IAF Pilots to Refuse Orders

As an Israel Air Force (IAF) assault on Iran appears to be a real possibility in the coming months, the Israeli left-wing is circulating a petition calling upon pilots to refuse a direct order. The petition early Wednesday afternoon 27 Menachem Av 5772 had about 400 signatures, including many lecturers from Tel Aviv University and other institutions of higher education in Israel.

“We appeal to you here from a deep sense of concern and anxiety in the situation it is in the State of Israel today”, reads the petition addressed to the pilots. “At least according to the little revealed to us in the media and in light of everything that goes on behind the scenes, we may only find out only too late. We do not know your names, your family status, your opinions and views. One thing we know – at this moment, our fate and our future are very much in your hands.”

The petition tells the pilots that their refusal to bomb Iran will “avert a disaster” and the signatories call on the air force pilots to weigh their actions and orders carefully as their decision will impact the nation.

Behind the petition stand playwrights Vardit Shlefi and Ofir Neiman. Shlefi was heard in the past calling for a boycott of the cultural center in Ariel since the latter is located in Shomron and Neiman is known for his calls of an international boycott against Israel. In their petition, they cite orders to bomb Iran would be “illegal”, and seek to persuade pilots to be insubordinate and disobey any such order.

Signatories include Dr. Anat Matar, Prof. Chaggai Rom, Dr. Yishai Menuhin, Prof, Anat Beltzki, Prof, Rachel Giora and author Nurit Gretz.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

6 Responses

  1. Mybe the left should wait for Iran to attack us first then see if we should hit them back I said Mybe if anyone is still alive that is the left

  2. Who are we to complain about refusing to obey orders? The truth is the refusal of most hareidi Jews to obey orders to report for three years army duty is in the same class. Of course, most of the zionists want to throw us in jail and throw away the key.

  3. This is the problem with right wingers telling soldiers not to obey orders to evacuate Jews from Judea and Samaria. If the right gets to ignore orders it doesn’t like, why not the left?

  4. But when it came to kicking people out of their homes in Gaza, they were adamant that soldiers had to follow orders. And if they would only realize that “our fate and our future is..” in the hands of HKB”H!

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