Human Rights Activists Call Yishai’s Plan for Illegals ‘Cruel’


The ironies associated with events in Eretz Yisrael created by the secular government seem to become increasingly apparent with time. One such case according to some is the outcry against Interior Minister Eli Yishai from self-proclaimed human rights activists, who decry the plan to begin arresting illegal aliens from Eritrea and Sudan in October. The plan goes into effect on October 16, 2012.

Yishai is addressing the approximately 50,000 aliens from these countries, and he plans to deport those unwilling to leave on their own as would any government in any reasonable country. Nevertheless, the activists are seeking to enlist support against Yishai, waving the human rights card.

They seem to ignore the crime perpetrated by the illegals, the fact that they have taken many jobs away from citizens seeking work, not to mention what has come of southern Tel Aviv and Eilat as a result of their presence, the destruction of communities and disregard for others in the area and disregard for shuls.

On the other hand, the activists remain silent regarding the court decision to evict Jews from their Migron homes and raze those homes – homes that were built by the national government, legally, homes that provide shelter to many adults and children alike. While the soon-to-be evictees will be given an alternate living site, this in no way compensates for the destruction of their homes and community.

From Yishai’s perspective, he plans to use every legal means at his disposal to rid Israel if the illegals, hoping the problems caused by their presence will be abated with their departure. Yishai told Channel 2 News that he will do his best to “make their lives bitter” until he is able to deport them. Working against him is the state media and its leftist agenda, which does not include permitting a minister to oust 50,000 illegal African aliens. In actuality, anyone entering Israel other than “chareidim” and “settlers” are welcome towards diluting the impact of these two population groups on Israeli society. This was the case when hundreds of thousands of Russian goyim were permitted to enter the country in the hope of buying time as the demographic clock ticks against the liberal, leftists and secularists in Eretz Yisrael.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Your artucle reeks from xenephobia and racisim. Just because some illegals perpertrate crimes does not justify branding them all as criminals. These are human beings and deserved to be treated as such.

    Minister Yishai’s comments that he intendeds “to make life bitter” for these people is appalling, revolting and a chilul Hashem. A Frum minister should seek to emulate his creator who is “Rachamav al kol Maysav”. Yes, even Sudanese and Ethiopians are Maysav of Hakodosh Baruch Hu.

    The issue of settelments is irrelevant to the legitimate issue of Eli Yishai’s callousness towards the feelings, suffering and aspirations of other Human Beings.

  2. crazykanoiy, you’re just as you describe yourself: crazy and a kanoiy of the 21st century meshugas called human rights, but only when applied against Jews and Israel. Africa is a huge chunk of land, very rich in resources. Let the Africans develop their land, the Arabs develop theirs, and leave Eretz Israel alone.

  3. #2 Read the article. Quote “They seem to ignore the crimes perpetrated by the illegals” This is guilt by association and wrong.

    #3 Are you in favor of “making life bitter” for other human beings? Those are the exact repulsive words of Eli Yishai. It is not a “meshugas” to care for other people. It is the way of Hashem “ma hu rachum af atah rachu”. You would do well to familiarize yourself with the lessons of the Navi Yonah and how Hashem cares for all people. Read the Rambam where he writes that we are commanded to care for Non Jews because Hashem cares for all of creation.

  4. The position of the various human rights groups is very understandable if you know their fundamental principle. They believe that Jews are really sub-humans and therefor have no human rights. It follows logically that whenever there is a conflict between the sub-human Jews and real people, the real people have priority. When you consider that most of the members of these groups are Jews, makes you wonder about their mental state.

    Aryeh Zelasko
    Beit Shemesh