Storobin to Felder: Let’s Put Politics Aside for Metzitzah B’Peh


This morning, State Sen. David Storobin (R-Brooklyn) reached out to his Democratic challenger, Simcha Felder, with a simple request: let’s put politics aside, and work together to preserve the Jewish law of metzitzah b’peh.

“There is a time for politics and a time to fight for the community,” said Storobin. “Early in our race, I approached Simcha at an event and asked him to have a civilized, classy race that focuses on issues and community needs, instead of turning politics into a blood sport. I hope Simcha agrees with me that it’s important to defend Jewish law. If so, we should stand together to show that this isn’t a Republican or a Democrat issue, and that even candidates campaigning against each other can put politics aside for our community’s law and tradition.”

The Senator expressed this sentiment through a telephone message left for his challenger this morning. Storobin is eagerly awaiting Felder’s positive response.



  1. How is publicizing that he made this phone call putting politics aside? if he truly cared only about this issue and not about the publicity from it he could have called Felder and talked privately, no his point is to say look at me I’m the candidate that truly cares about this important issue. He is so transparent and blatantly political.

  2. If the Senator wants a “civilized, classy race that focuses on issues and community needs” why is he running the ads that he’s running? The attacks on Felder are uncalled for. I can understand him glossing over the fact that he served in the Senate for only a few days before the summer adjournment and he may be working for jobs etc, but the anti Felder ads are disgusting!

  3. What David Storobin is doing is great. This is because when Mayor Bloomberg asked the City Council to vote on Extending Term Limits when the Voters not once but twice voted for term limits Simcha Felder was one of the Sponsors of this bill which took away our right to vote & this is what led to give Bloomberg another four years in office. If Simcha Felder had not sponsored & voted on the Bill to extend Term Limits maybe we wouldn’t be having the Metziza Bpeh problem because no one would care about What Bloomberg has to say about it if he wasn’t in office.

  4. Eli51- So Simcha is now responsible for Metzitzah Bpeh issue?? Same gender marriage too? Would he have supported Bloomberg had those opinions been publicized befeore? If one voted for any politician, is he then accountable for all decisions of that politician?