Kulanu MK Rachel Azariya Responds To High Court Ruling Permitting Grocery Stores To Operate In Tel Aviv On Shabbos


MK (Kulanu) Rachel Azaria responds to the High Court ruling to permit grocery stores in Tel Aviv to continue operating on Shabbos. Azaria, together with coalition and opposition MKs, is among those who initiated the Shabbos Law.

“The status of Shabbos in Israel must be regulated by legislation. The time has come for us to formulate how Shabbos in Israel should look – and it is incumbent upon us legislators to do so, and together with MK Zohar, MK Stern and Trachtenberg, we initiated a law for a comprehensive arrangement of the status of Shabbos in Israel, which is close to the Ministerial Committee on Legislation. Shabbos is too important for us to continue fighting over, and the time has come to formulate a broad consensus for the benefit of all sectors. I call on the Knesset members from the chareidi and religious parties, stop looking for the culprit in the court and join our Shabbos Law ”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)