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Hezbollah Denounces New US Measures Against It

Hezbollah has denounced new U.S. measures against it, including a bill targeting the terrorist group’s finances, calling it an “aggression” against Lebanon.

In a statement, the group said the new measures were a “blatant intervention in Lebanese internal affairs” and a violation of Lebanese sovereignty.

The statement was issued Thursday following a weekly meeting of the Shiite group’s parliamentary bloc. It came a day after the House approved legislation to block the flow of illicit money to the Iran-backed group and to sanction it.

The bill targeting Hezbollah’s finances, sponsored by Reps. Ed Royce and Eliot Engel, directs the Trump administration to sanction the people and businesses engaged in fundraising and recruitment activities for the group.

Hezbollah said the new measures, “camouflaged” in legislation, aims at subjugating Lebanon.


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