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150 Chareidi Soldiers Take Their Oath of Service

On Sunday 15 Elul 5772 150 members of Nachal Chareidi were at Jerusalem’s Ammunition Hill for their swearing-in ceremony. The soldiers were officially presented with their M16s, as well as an IDF Tanach. Rabbonim of Nachal Chareidi were present and they addressed the events along with a number of officers.

Base commander Lt.-Colonel Kfir Cohen spoke, mentioning the tznius of the soldiers and their commitment to Torah and soldiering. He feels the Nachal Chareidi experiment was a success that exceeded the most optimistic of expectations.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

4 Responses

  1. 1. This indicates the army can recruit hareidim without conscription.

    2. Once the army starts raiding the yeshivos and dragging away the talmidim, those who have volunteered for the army will be seen as traitors to the Torah community. Conscripting yeshiva students will be seen as proof the army isn’t desiring to recruit hareidim, but is rather trying to use conscription as a weapon to break up the yeshiva world.

    3. I seriously doubt anyone took an oath. While those entering the army are not the best students, they know enough not to take an oath. More likely, the made a simply affirmation of willingness to serve in the army.

  2. Akuperma:
    2. Is this something you rue or something you commend?
    3. Any IDF soldier is allowed to “affirm” instead of “swear.”

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