Peleg Talmid, Whose Arrest Led To Protests, Released From Prison


It was the arrest of Peleg-affiliated talmid, Yisrael Meir Kaplinsky, for failing to register for military service that led to the recent wave of Peleg faction protests, which were accompanied by unprecedented violence and many additional arrests. In addition, another 45 talmidim and avreichim wanted for desertion were apprehended and turned over to military police so they too could serve their sentences.

Kaplinsky has been released after serving 20 days in IDF Prison 6. He was given an impressive kabolas panim. He spoke, explaining his koach held up and he is confident they will remain strong and not give into the demands of military authorities.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. What a complete and total moron. All he had to do was report for his exemption. And he could have helped avoid hundreds of thousand of hours of bitul Torah, gezel and tremendous Chillul Hashem. Was it worth it? I wouldnt want to be in your place after 120.

  2. should have kept him in longer. I suffered from the stupid bochrim who are out to prove to the world that the derech of Torah is to bring violence and revolting behavior as a norm to the world.