Op-Ed: Your Children Matter: Vote Today To Save Their Future


In recent years, the presidential elections have been deemed “historic.” After George W. Bush was elected president, people were fed up with dynasties and the political class. The American people turned out in droves and elected Barack Obama – the first black president. He was not only the first African American president, but he was also the first one to be elected without any executive experience and hardly any political experience. His victory over John McCain was considered a vote against the establishment.

Last year, people voted against the establishment again. They overwhelmingly voted against another president with the surname Bush or Clinton and elected a man with no political experience. Donald Trump was elected to reject political correctness and stand up for the middle class.

Today, voters in Borough Park and Midwood face a historic election as well. The election is historic not because it is the most violent and negative campaign ever to target the orthodox-Jewish electorate (which, as a result, made it into the media). It is also not the first time that an election has become the establishment versus the anti-establishment or an election that promotes political dynasties and nepotism. It is historic because we can vote against those who seek to undermine us.

Orthodox Jewry is under attack. In recent years, many who have not made it in society pointed fingers at our piety and institutions for their failures. Authors arose to create fictitious stories on the doings of our community, and an organization has been established to fight our beliefs. Four ex-Hasidim were recently featured in a Netflix documentary mocking and attacking the basic tenets of Yiddishkeit. Yeshivas are under assault. 59 yeshivas – including some who have rigorous elementary and high-school curriculums – are being sued by a group of disgruntled ex-Hasidim. Make no mistake: They are not trying to improve our lives, they are trying to undermine our lifestyle. There have been heretics since Matan Torah, but they have never attacked the maaminim like today.

Kalman Yeger is the proud product of yeshivas, while Yoni Hikind is upset with his rebbe for joking about his Bar Mitzvah being Giuliani’s. Hikind’s yeshiva experience may not have been the best, but to cast blame at all yeshivas is unfair and preposterous. His support for the Markey Bill is a sign of clouded judgment due to his personal feeling.

Yoni Hikind may not have a vendetta against yeshivas, but his lousy yeshiva experience resonates with those who seek to undermine the yeshivas. Unfortunately, Yoni Hikind failed to disavow the endorsement of such groups or their people (many of whom were seen attacking Yeger supporters and property). He has also failed to denounce those groups or properly defend the yeshivas. That is why these supporters see Yoni as their ally. That is also why community leaders and askanim who were never involved in politics – people like Chaim Fischer from Hatzolah, Yanky Meyer from Misaskim, Abe Eisner and Reuvein Wolf – astoundingly endorsed Kalman Yeger.

Kalman Yeger is the establishment candidate, having been a longtime political operative who worked alongside Simcha Felder and David Greenfield. Yoni Hikind is the heir to his father, Dov Hikind. Whether you’re anti-establishment or anti-dynasty, your vote should be for your child. The more significant the margin for Kalman Yeger, the longer we quiet those outside forces who seek our detriment. Those forces claim to be the majority and that they’re “one of us,” let us show them that the quiet majority supports our traditions and ways of life.

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  1. Interesting. So you’re saying that Chassidim who went OTD or became Tuna Bagels because of the “establishment” are now attacking the establishment. Then you state later on that Yeger is the “establishment” candidate so everyone should vote for him. Huh? Did I miss something? So it’s the establishment that people are upset and angry with, and then you tell us to vote for the establishment. Dave, make up your mind. You can’t have it both ways.

  2. I don’t like nepotism and have no respect for Dov Hikind who sees himself as a spokesman for the Jews rather than a member of the State Assembly from Brooklyn. For those reasons I can not vote for Yoni Hikind.
    Tishler performed well in he debate but has a clouded history.
    Yeger is the most articulate knowledgeable candidate for any City office whom I’ve heard in recent years. He has the potential to rise to much higher elective office after serving his City Council terms.
    For me the choice iseasy.

  3. @BP101 It does. That’s why I commended YWN when they protested the sickening and lowest election campaign maneuver ever in Orthodox Jewish history – by Yoni Hikind attacking the family of Kalman Yeger; specifically a child who is a minor.

    You didn’t seem to be worried about “Lasho Hara” then.

    Bunch of child abusers on the Hikind campaign. Literally.

  4. While I have no interest in going down memory lane, I think Noach Dear and many others involved in Boro Park politics (BP COJO) might have a thing or two to say about the less than stellar behavior of Dov Hikind over the years. Perhaps the public has forgotten that in 1991, Dov ran his friend Bob Miller against Noach Dear who at the time was a sitting and effective Councilman representing Boro Park. Or in 2008 when Mr. Hikind decided to spit in the face of Simcha Felder and the entire frum community and endorse Kevin Parker for State Senator. The Chillul Hashem didn’t go unnoticed, and the mainstream media questioned why the Orthodox Jew didn’t back the other Orthodox Jew.

    Not to worry…Parker turned out to be a real (violent) beauty. He was arrested multiple times for assault.

  5. scy4851:

    When you find someone ready to be moseir nefesh for Klal Yisroel as he does. He has a track record of resolving issues for many thousands of people for many years.

    יאריך ימים על ממלכתו.

    Would you like to share your perception of zechus? Or are you just a Kalman Yeger supporter consumed with hate for anyone named Hikind?

  6. The Hikind name is respected and well deservedly so. What I don’t like is the underhanded way Greenfield gave the nomination to his buddy Yager. Don’t forget, Yager came from Met Council and now Greenfield is going to Met Council. His salary will be huge. Do you see the give and take between Yager and Greenfield?

  7. Dov Hikind is the spokesperson for the Jewish community. When the child was murdered it was Dov that was searching the streets and appealing for help day and night. When Gideon Busch was killed by the police, Noach Dear was marching up and down 16th ave. with the police. He shouted at me that I don’t know what I’m talkiing about, and continued with the police, even though they killed a Jewish young man.