VIDEO: MK Eichler Angered, Calls High Court Justice Meltzer To Order



In the accompanying video, MK Eichler begins by addressing the Bituach Leumi annual poverty report. From there, he sarcastically speaks of the planned announcement declaring Jerusalem the capital by US President Donald Trump, stating J Street and Israel’s High Court have failed to issue an injunction against President Trump’s planned declaration.

Eichler uses most of three-minutes of talk time condemning the chutzpah of High Court Justice Chanan Meltzer, who threatened Beit Shemesh Maor regarding the city’s two-week deadline to remove signs demanding posted illegally addressing modestly and instructing women to walk on separate sidewalks. Eichler stated Meltzer would never have dared to speak against another mayor in the tone used against Abutbul, twice during the hearing according to the protocol. Eichler continued quoting the statements of the court, speaking of planning to place a battalion in Beit Shemesh to ensure the signs remain down. Eicher lamented how the court fined Beit Shemesh NIS 150,000, taking taxpayer funds from the city and making it hand them over to the court in the form of a fine. Eichler believes the only reason the court dared to address the mayor of a city in the tone used is because this particular mayor is chareidi.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Excellent idea. Play the charedi victim card.

    It’s always the charedim that are oppressed.

    Never the people that get :-
    hit by their rocks and dirty diapers
    blocked from getting home to work by another pointless hafgana
    woken up in the middle of the night by shouts of shiksa and shabbes
    cars damaged because they have an israeli flag

    Nope. The charedim are the victims.

  2. Eichler is not a winning MK & has never learned proper communication skills or the ability to explain the attitude or thought process of Charedim. Usually MK Gafni or Litzman are better equipped.

    Why be sarcastic?