Rav Amnon Yitzchak Says Chareidi Military Draft Is Cause Of War


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Shofar, the official website of Rav Amnon Yitzchak writes the rav is quoted as saying on 5 Tammuz 5773 that the abolition of the Tal Law and the ongoing nationwide effort to pull avreichim from beis medrash to serve in the IDF will lead to warfare against us.

The rav a number of months ago explained as the nation has chosen its direction, it is exactly as we learn in Sanhedrin, quoting שתלמידי חכמים מתמעטים בדור האחרון, and today, the actions of those trying to stop the limud Torah will lead to what we are seeing today.

The rav continues that “HKBH sits above and laughs, simply laughs — that suddenly they decide to induct them, the avreichim, seeking equality. Until that time arrives there will be war as is always the case when they turn against the shomrei Torah and mitzvos, and now, there will be war until a new law is in place to protect those studying Torah.”

“Don’t play with the apple of my eye. HKBH does not remain silent” he explained, “רבות מחשבות בלב איש ועצת ה’ היא תקום,” adding if there was a gap between the different chareidim in the past, this will unite them and “When the yidden who keep Torah and mitzvos cry out to Hashem, this is the koach that we are familiar with from Egypt, from Achashverosh, and other places. When Am Yisrael is united around Torah and tshuva, not Pharaoh, Achashverosh or Nebuchadnezzar will triumph against them.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. From a “this world” perspective, probably not. It would make more sense for the goyim to wait until the Hareidi draft had sufficiently weakened the IDF to improve their chances against Israel. It is possible the government decided now is a good time for a war since they want to rally the country behind them (reducing Hareidi opposition to being in the army, imporove their chances in the next election, etc.).

    Of course in an אמת’dik way, all of the problems in Eretz Yisrael are caused by the many aveirahs of the secular Yidden, but who are we to say which is the cause of what (abortion, “inappropriate tourism” for which Tel Aviv in particular is famous, failure to support learning Torah, oppressing the Jewish poor, etc.).

  2. to #1: in all due respect, unless you have ruach hakodesh i dont think you should insinuate this, we, the frum jews, should look inward first before blaming the secular, in doing so it gives us a patur- as if we could not have caused such events. Many of these secular are tinokos shenishba who have zero knowledge whatsoever of their yidishkeit. First let us say what have you (and I as well) done lately to bring them closer? and what areas do We need to improve that could have caused these events?

  3. The game of Association is a risky one! Especially in a world that is far removed from our grasp. Cause and effect are not out department. Let’s leave that up to נביאים and the אורים ותומים!

  4. Shame on those who think this way. Who are we to give explanations to what happens in the world. What happened to having emunah and not trying to understand every single matter that happens. Shame on those who put the blame on secular Jews. If there is or was a war on an Israel, the only ones to blame are the Harrison who are uncapable of seeing the good in every Jew. We are the example; when a secular Jew sees us; just how seeing how we are should give him the ratzon to do tshuva; by listening to this makes hatred and disgust grow even more. I am from ashdod; I have lived through this war and I could tell you the emunah and the ahdout from every jew that was felt, secular or not. Shame on those who cast judgements on our own brothers. Start doing tshuva by looking at your own selves.

  5. to #1. you are almost accurate. I actually know exactly which secular Jews are responsible for this war and for Hurricane Sandy. Unfortunately, nobody has asked me yet. Unfortunate also is that not everyone realizes how we Orthodox Jews are perfect and sin free. Hashem only loves us and allows the secular and non-Jews to exist in order to have people for us perfect Jews to judge.

  6. Stop blaming everyone else for bad things happening no one knows why only a Novi knew when hashem told him a reason. If u wanna blame something or someone for bad things we can blame ourselves and become better. Its easy to point fingers and find faults in others.