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Bolivian Judge Who Jailed Ostreicher Arrested Along With 5 Others

Bolivia’s interior minister says authorities have now arrested six government officials suspected of involvement in a scheme to rob and extort a New York businessman jailed in a money-laundering probe.

The minister, Carlos Romero, told reporters Tuesday that those arrested included the judge who first ordered American Jacob Ostreicher jailed and officials working in the state agency that seized 18,000 metric tons of rice from him.

The first suspect was arrested Monday.

Ostreicher has been jailed without charge since June 2011. Prosecutors have yet to produce no evidence he laundered money in a rice-growing venture in which he and a Swiss partner invested $25 million.

He says several of the officials now under arrest tried to extort money from him in return for promises to get him out of jail.


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  1. Just because the judge that sentenced him is a crook, how does that make him innocent?

    Old Chinese story: Three people meet in a prison cell, and swap their stories. One says, “I’m in prison for supporting Teng Hsiao-Ping”. The second says, “I’m in prison for opposing Teng Hsiao-Ping”. And the third says “I am Teng Hsiao-Ping”.

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