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Coalition Chair: We May Get a Coalition Without the Chareidim

Likud coalition chairman MK Ze’ev Elkin was quoted on Tuesday afternoon 20 Kislev 5773 as stating it is entirely possible the government coalition following the general elections will not contain chareidi parties. He explained that chances of building a coalition that does not include chareidim is not out of the question, Globes reports.

Elkin feels that since the chareidim are not running as part of the right-wing bloc, the Likud owes them nothing and is free to sign agreements with right-wing parties, which may leave the chareidim out of the cabinet.

Elkin was part of a panel discussion at the Hartman Institute, seated alongside Aliza Lavi and Shachar Ayalon.

“I may surprise you here. I think the odds are not slim to form a government like this, not just due to necessity, but because the chareidi parties did not go with a right-wing bloc. This time around, there is no right-wing bloc because the stated position of the chareidi parties is to go with whoever addresses their issues, primarily of serving [in the IDF] with the working assumption that the left-wing can more effectively find a solution” he is quoted as saying, adding “since the chareidim go into it with the attitude they owe nothing to any party, then Likud in turn owes the chareidi parties nothing”.

Elkin further explained, painting a realistic picture of what may occur following the elections, pointing out the issue of military service may be a major one and even if chareidim wish to join a coalition, “there will be a dynamic that we will not be able to agree to and we will not be able to accommodate, hence, I do not know what the actual reality will be but this scenario is entirely possible.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. The math is such that if the Hilonim get together they can easily form a majority. The Hareidi community can hope that the hilonim will keep fighting each other, but if one group dominates, and the others accept being “junior partners” rather than opposition – the Hareidim will be the opposition. The hilonim can probably hurt the zionist Hareidim (i.e. the ones that participate in elections and accept government funding) by cutting their funding, which is very easy to do.

  2. Unfortunately with all the in-fighting and splintering of the chareidi fractions, he might well be right. Just at the time that we should stand united and fight the dangers facing us together, do we find that there is more arguments between the chareidi parties than ever before. The Satan is having a field day. H’ yishmor.

  3. Good Morning, did you just realize this? Each of the Haradi parties is experiencing its own in-fighting. UTJ has the Litvaks fighting and the Hasadim fighting for slots. Shas has the three Shaskateers grining in public and beating each-other in party meetings. And, to add for more fun, you have Avigdor Lieberman now joining Likud-YB who demands that ALL 18 year olds join the IDF. sit back, buy some pop-corn and enjoy the next two weeks. It will provide more action than a Western and more intrigue than a good novel.

  4. Boruch Hashem the Chareidi parties are not part of the right wing block. Chareidim are not, and should not be affiliated with rightwing policies and settlements.

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