Democrat Dov Hikind Blasts His Own Party For Treatment Of Israel


NYS Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) says that Democrats like Senators Bernie Sanders and Dianne Feinstein, who denounce the State of Israel for defending itself, are encouraging more violence. Never one to stand silent when Jews are under attack, Hikind is blasting his own party for what he calls “a disgusting blood libel against the Jewish people.”

“They are handing a victory to Hamas,” Hikind said of Democrats who have shamefully criticized Israel for defending its borders. “Where is the conscience of the Democratic Party? We know for a fact that over 50 of the 60 Palestinians who were killed at the Gaza-Israeli border were members of Hamas—an organization that the United States recognizes as terrorists. These were not student protestors. These were not people looking to cross over from Mexico to find a better life in the United States. These were terrorists who have sworn to murder Israeli citizens when they reach Israel. But media outlets like MSNBC and CNN, along with Democrats who are playing politics, have twisted the story. Is there zero regard for the truth?”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Dov:

    Slight correction. There were 62 carcasses, of which over 50 were armed Hamas terrorists. Islamic Jihad claimed 3 others as their members. That’s a score of 53 out of 62. That beats 85% according to my calculator. The hooey about unarmed civilians is debunked, except for the evil media that tries to push the message. It is sad that many of out elected officials still buy into complete falsehood.

    Does anyone know where Nadler stands on this? He has been wrong nearly 100% of the time on Israel, and deserves to retire really soon.

  2. Nadler, with the help of Ezra Friedlander, has enthusiastically supported the Iran deal with all four feet. Jerry has objected to EVERY nominee for EVERY position that President Trump has chosen. Fat Jerry is a wicked evil man but will remain in power till his dying day because of %100 support of the militant homosexual community in his district (Manhattan section) The Republican party in NYC has been dead & buried for many years now.

  3. The fact is, the politicians being mentioned are ultra liberal token Jews, at best. All they know how to do is criticize Israel. Willing to. Bet that if their home turf was being attacked the same way, they would be the fittest to ask where the military is and to shoot to kill. Let them go spend time on the Gaza border