Vishnitzer Rebbe Addresses Phones & Technology Again


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The Vishnitzer Rebbe Shlita announce he forbids persons to take pictures in his beis medrash. The rebbe addressed the issue during the tisch closing the Yomtov of Shavuos. The rebbe cited that of late, at weddings and other events in the chassidus, photographs are taken, including from the ezras noshim, and often, these photos appear in newspapers and magazines.

“I am uncomfortable with this and must protest”, stated the rebbe, adding “In the past, I have already indicated that I do not want this publicity and I ask that you refrain from acting contrary to my words.

The rebbe then addressed unprotected and unregulated phones, citing persons who have them do not have permission to submit a kvitel and do not try to get to me in a corridor or hall. Such a person does not have the right to call himself a chossid.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Do the Rav’s gaabboim actually check every talmid’s and chosid’s telephone software before they are allowed to approach the Rav or enter his beis medrash? Otherwise, I assume this is on the honor system since at so many simchas, tisch, and other events, it seems that just about everyone in the audience and most of the chashuve rabbonim and askanim onon the dais have some type of phone.