Sholom Rubashkin To Mark First Anniversary Of His Release In Massive Event


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Final preparations are underway as the Rubashkin family prepares to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the great neis of Zos Chanukah 5778 along with their extended family: all of Klal Yisroel.

Everyone remembers where they were when they heard the news of Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin’s release – a story that was reported first on YWN – commuted by President Donald Trump. It was a simcha felt by all of Klal Yisroel. On the first anniversary of the release, Klal Yisroel will have an opportunity to relive those precious moments at a special event marking that day.

Thousands are expected to join in an evening of joy and inspiration.

“This miracle wasn’t just a personal yeshuah. It was a reminder to Klal Yisroel about the power of emunah and bitachon,” Sholom Mordechai’s son, Getzel Rubashkin, says. “Ever since his release, gedolim and Jewish leaders around the world have been encouraging my father to dedicate himself to spreading the message of emunah and bitachon, and that is what he has done. ‘Alef, Bais, Gimmel’ has become a household phrase. This event is a moment to loudly and clearly thank Hashem and reaffirm that we got the message – emunah and bitachon will bring geulah.”

The event will feature a rich program, including a digital presentation and music by Avraham Fried, Avremi G. and the Shira choir. The highlight of the evening will be divrei chizuk from Sholom Mordechai, culminating with dancing.

The event, which is free of charge, will take place on Sunday Zos Chanuka at The Ulam Hagadol, located at 4217 New Utrecht Avenue in Brooklyn, with a simultaneous event for women at Gan Yisroel, located at 13 Church Avenue in Brooklyn. Doors open 7:30pm and the program begins at 8:30pm.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. ‘Ever since his release, gedolim and Jewish leaders around the world have been encouraging my father to dedicate himself to spreading the message of emunah and bitachon, and that is what he has done’ Let’s not forget why he went to prison in the first place. The sentence may have been too harsh, but he was a criminal and he caused a chilul hashem. Let’s also spread the message of ‘lo signov’ and maybe there will be fewer ‘frum’ people sent to federal and state prisons.

  2. budapester, you and and other Rubashkin haters are stupid gullible idiots who are eager to buy government lies about fellow Jews without know any facts. Shame on you all.

  3. Talmidchochom, crawl back to your space and stay there if you are ‘tired of reading about this guy’ and let others enjoy good news about Rubashkin.

  4. given the number of convicted felons in the family, they could have charged him under RICO statutes. He also was not tried for labor law violations, given the length of his sentence. the family is representative of Jewish criminals be’avonaseinuh ha’rabbim.

  5. While it is certainly joyful that Rabbi Rubashkin was freed on Chanukah and his release was a miracle, perhaps he should celebrate in a more modest way. Even though he was jailed, did he ever pay back the money he borrowed from the bank? If not, it seems like this would be appropriate instead of having a large concert, which could cause a chilul Hashem if the money wasn’t paid back.

  6. budapester, he didn’t steal a penny from anyone. On the contrary, he borrowed the money in good faith and was servicing the loans on time, until the government deliberately destroyed the value of his business, thus causing him to be unable to pay his creditors.

    If misstating your income on a loan application makes you a ganov then there are a lot of ganovim; The bank was well aware of how the business was doing, and did not rely solely on the loan application. So long as the payments were made on time it did not care, so there was no fraud.

    And the only reason the income dropped in the first place was the ICE raid, which was done maliciously with the intention of bringing down the business because it dared to defy the unions.

  7. TC; He never claimed or hinted that he’s Moshiach.
    He is moving on with his life by being mechazek many Yidden.
    As far as I know he hasn’t returned to the meat business?

    Budapester; He didn’t kidnap anyone, “lo signov”. He didn’t steal either, “lo signovu”. Anyone who mistates their income on a credit card or loan application is in the same boat. Take it easy with the criminal bit. A Yid is supposed to be a saneigor not a kateigor!

  8. I am making a public Mach’ah now.

    I Davened for Rubashkin every day for years. I donated money for years. I celebrated when he was released.

    But now he is “Rubashkin BAAL HANES”?!!?!?!?!

    We now have for the SECOND TIME IN HISTORY – a Baal hanes. We first had Rabi meir Baal Hanes….and now we have RUBASHKIN?

    Disgusting. I am livid.

    This is very very wrong.

    He is no “baal hanes”. A baal bitachon and emunah. FINE. But a “Baal hanes”? Which nes did he perform? TRUMP PARDONED HIM.

    Disgusting and whoever gave him this title is a horrible person.

  9. Haters will hate.
    It is unfortunate that at a time with so much anti semetism in the world. That our own Jewish brothers can post such nasty comments!!
    R SMR is a genuine tzadik!

  10. I hope we will see the same miracle that occurred last year at the celebration .

    Last year, the organizers had purchased enough mashke to last for eight nights, but it lasted only one night!

  11. I have to side with MoisheInGolus and Milhouse against the naysayers. I can many personal stories, but I give one (in rounded numbers) as follows.
    Some 35 years ago when I was in my own business with (non-Jewish) partners, we needed some more resources and made a deal with a certain other person who owned his own business. When it can to signing the contract (after all negotiations etc.), I read the contract and noticed such absurd conditions (as one example) that we confirm that our business at no time had more than (say) 10% income from a single source. I complained immediately that is ridiculous, as our first year we had nearly 100% income from a single first customer. They all ganged up on me (the other guy, his lawyer, my partners) and brow-beat me stating this is only boiler plate and no one takes it seriously, just sign, etc. etc. etc.
    Thus far is my actual point as to how these contracts are presented. But just to complete the story, here goes.
    Well I was stubborn so they agree to re-write it. When it came to signing it, we had to drive to another town (the other guy’s home town) and sign it there with his lawyer present (for reasons they never made clear at the time). By the time we got there it was late and when I started to read the supposedly new contract they ganged up again about how late it was, they assured me that the changes had been made as I requested, etc. etc. etc. so just sign. I mention that I do not drive and so was dependent on someone else to get back home.
    If it is not clear yet, it was all a ruse and the contract was not changed as I requested and so forth to a nasty end.

  12. “Baal HaNess”!!!!??? An insult to a real Baal HaNess
    Rabbi Meir is the Baal HaNess.

    Sholom R is a convicted felon, who received a favor from the president to let him out early.
    His case, though complicated, remains as a chillul haShem, and YWN should permanently remove his name from its sites.

  13. where does YWN get so many self hating Jews? I guess they got bored reading pages of Der Stürmer or HaAretz. Throughout history Yeddedn suffered from the hands of various governments because of contributing libel and defamation from fellow “jews”.

  14. The SMR circus lasted for months last year and just after we were getting over SMR fatigue, its back again. There were differing opinions on his conviction but nearly everyone agreed the sentence was excessive and candidly, it was one of the few Trump decisions that received widespread approval. However, its time to move on. If you have such passion for pidyon shiviuim, there are several organizations that are working to support yidden in prison and advocate for their release in some cases. Redirect you energy and funds to those mosdos (I cannot post links but they are easily searchable online).

  15. Bulldozer and rofehardamah seem to think Rabbi Meir is the only person in history to whom a miracle ever happened. So why are they celebrating Chanukah? Was that not also a miracle?! Clearly R Meir is not the only baal haness in all of history. We say three times a day על ניסך שבכל יום עמנו.

    Moderators Note: Can’t resist responding. Are you kidding? על ניסך שבכל יום עמנו – that is talking about HASHEM. Do you even know what you’re saying 3 times a day? Apparently not.

  16. georgeg, I feel bad for what you went through, but I fail to see what your story has to do with the fact that Rubashkin is being made into a hero. Everyone agrees his sentence was excessive. Thankfully he did not serve his full sentence and we are all greatfull for that. But it’s time to move on. I’m sure that Rubashkin is a wonderful person but this making him into a hero is getting out of hand and frankly nausciating.

  17. In Sholom Modchas own words

    Monday, 1st day of Chanukah

    Dear Family, Friends & Fellow Yidden,

    Last night, surrounded by my family, I lit the Chanukah Menorah. We sang HaNeiros Halalu and sat in the glow of the candles sharing stories and Divrei Torah, fully immersing in the experience of the Yom Toiv and in each other’s company. It sounds beautiful but unremarkable – the same was happening in countless Jewish homes around the world.

    But it was extremely remarkable for me. It has been TEN Chanukois since I’ve been with my family for the Yom Tov.

    Ten Chanukois, Eighty nights, I lit the Menorah by myself in a cold and dark place called prison. It’s a pain that’s indescribable. No human being should ever know. As I think about my brothers left behind tears fill my eyes and I daven hard that each and every one experience an immediate yeshua.

    The absence of family was felt very strongly, especially during Yomim Tovim, but I never felt alone. For one thing, our Father, Hakadosh Baruch Hu, was always with me. For another, I discovered a world of siblings I had only ever heard about, but never directly experienced.

    All of Klal Yisroel, all my brothers and sisters, rallied to my side during those difficult times, through thick and through thin, through ups and through downs – until the very end of my ordeal, when I was miraculously released last year on Zois Chanuko. BaYamim HaHeim, BiZman HaZeh.

    My gratitude to Hashem knows no bounds, and neither does my gratitude to you – my family.

    I have been encouraged by Gedolei Yisroel of many communities to engage in Pirsumei Nisoh, making it clear that Hashem watches over every single Yid with amazing Hashgacha and a Yid is never alone. It is in that spirit that I want to invite you to celebrate this great miracle together with me on Sunday Zos Chanukah, 7:30pm at the Ulam Hagadol 4217 New Utrecht Ave. Brooklyn NY.

    We will gather in celebration and unity, as we did exactly one year ago, with music, singing and dancing in praise and thanks to Hashem for His infinite kindness, and in complete faith and trust that we will see His kindness in every aspect of our own lives.

    We will be joined by Avraham Fried, Avremi G, Shira Choir and others who will come to add joy to the celebration, but it is not a concert and there is no charge at the door. It is a family celebration and I hope to see you there – after all, we are one family.

    Looking forward to seeing you! A freilichen Chanukah!

    Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin

    Thank you!

  18. Agreed 100%. Klal Yisroel lost such a valuable opportunity to learn the middah of honesty and ehrlichkeit. And if you actually read the court briefs and saw the evidence, and you didn’t know anything before, and someone told you this story about a goy you would say guilty as sin. I don’t want to ever see a yid in jail but to celebrate it as a good thing is crummer than the most twisted corkscrew.

  19. New Yorker at heart , as ‘you actually read the court briefs’ you should realize that was a kangaroo court. Would you also accept ‘court briefings: about Bailis and Drayfuss affairs? Are you that dumb or gullible that you believe in everything you are fed by the authorities?
    RE: “Klal Yisroel lost such a valuable opportunity to learn the middah of honesty and ehrlichkeit.” You are probably speaking for yourself, because if you actually “saw the evidence” as you claim you would not spread the lies and hate about Rubashkin.