RCA Statement Regarding Recent Developments at Yeshivat Maharat


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aviwIn light of the recent announcement that Yeshivat Maharat will celebrate the “ordination as clergy” of its first three graduates, and in response to the institution’s claim that it “is changing the communal landscape by actualizing the potential of Orthodox women as rabbinic leaders,” the Rabbinical Council of America reasserts its position as articulated in its resolution of April 27, 2010, that:

“In light of the opportunity created by advanced women’s learning, the Rabbinical Council of America encourages a diversity of halachically and communally appropriate professional opportunities for learned, committed women, in the service of our collective mission to preserve and transmit our heritage. Due to our aforesaid commitment to sacred continuity, however, we cannot accept either the ordination of women or the recognition of women as members of the Orthodox rabbinate, regardless of the title.”

The RCA views this event as a violation of our mesorah (tradition) and regrets that the leadership of the school has chosen a path that contradicts the norms of our community.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. These poor misguided women being taught by the one and only “Rabbah”, and a male graduate of Rabbi Weiss’ YCT. I’m certain they mean well but they are being used for Rabbi Weiss’ agenda.

  2. #5:

    They are very intelligent women, and I’m sure they know exactly what they are getting involved in. I don’t think you can accuse Weiss of taking advantage of them.

    (Yes, I know one personally, am friends with her, and she’s very nice and certainly smart and I respect her on a personal level.)

  3. The RCA’s wishy-washy semi-neutral statement in face of these apikorsum and reshoyim led by the evil Mr. Avi Weiss, is sickening.

  4. #6: #5 didn’t say they were not intelligent. He didn’t say they weren’t nice nor smart. He did say they were misguided. On that note, he is right on the money.

  5. Who is RCA? Whats their policy of the rest of ydishkeit? Im curious. I think people should make such statements because its not Muvan Meelav in year 2013 , unfortunatelly.

  6. What the RCA and the rest of us finally realize that the Maharat (psuedo subsidiary of the Jewish Theological Seminary) and “Rabbi” Avi Weiss and “Rabbah” have ceased to be orthodox

  7. #9: I thought 5 was saying that Weiss is taking advantage of them, which to me implied a certain simplicity on their part. If that isn’t what 5 meant, then disregard my comment.

    #8: Come join the CR; I have at least 1 non-cynical comment for ever 9 cynical ones.

  8. #10 and #11 – RCA is the Rabbinical Council of America. It’s the organization for rabbis affiliated with shuls of the OU (which is short for UOJCA – the Orthodox Union, or Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America).

  9. I was banned from the CR (no joke) for being too MO. I admonished the mods for allowing as much loshon horah against MO Rabbonim as anyone felt like dishing out, yet censored comments made about Chareidi Rabbonim.

    They didn’t take too well to that, it seems… Gee,I wonder why not?

  10. One of the three candidates was hired by a shul in Montreal whose rabbi, Adam Scheier, recently invited the local woman reform “rabbi” to give a Torah lecture in his shul. Did I forget to mention that this woman “rabbi” is “married” to another reform woman “rabbi?” Unfortunately, she is. Once you go down that slope, its downhill all the way, rachmana l’zlan.