TEHILLIM – Kaliver Rebbe of Williamsburg in Need of Rachmei Shomayim

The Kaliver Rebbe communicating via "EZGaze" with the Satmar Rebbe of Williamsburg seated next to him.

The Kaliver Rebbe of Williamsburg, HaRav Moshe Taub, has been hospitalized and is in need of Tefillos.

The Rebbe, who suffers from ALS, communicates via a special computer program named EZgaze.

Before his diagnosis with ALS, the Rebbe spent many decades travelling the globe, visiting college campuses, and non-religious schools to speak to jewish students and children. The rebbe made it his his life’s work to travel around the world to reach out to Jews wherever he can with love and the message of Love for Hashem and observing his Torah.

The rebbe never took money from anyone offering it.

The present Rebbe is the sixth Rebbe in the direct succession of Kaliver Rebbe’s. He immigrated to the United States as a child shortly after WWII.

His late father Rav Menachem Shlomo a Holocaust survivor, rebuilt the Chassidus in New York, which had been decimated by the Nazis.

Upon his father’s Petira in 1978, the present Rebbe assumed the position of Kaliver Rebbe.

His name for Tehillim is Moshe ben Raizel.

(Yossi Taub – YWN)


  1. Chasdei Hashem the Rebbe is back home B”H will come out to public at the Tish lag ba’omer 7:30 pm At his shul 188 Hewes St 11211