Photo Essay: Admorim And Rabbonim On Lag Baomer 5779 (Photos by JDN) [GALLERY 2]



  1. What’s the difference between Purim and Lag-b’omer?
    answer; on Purim,the children put on a play for the Rebbe (bobov,skver)
    on Lag B’omer,the Rebbe’s put on a play for the children

  2. Dear “chugibugi”
    I reaally hope you took into account that these few sentences you wrote, are not only written on this website, but it is written as well up there in your personal book. And when you get up there after 120, you will have to give din v’cheshbon for making fun of The Ari hakadosh and the Beis Yosef and the Alshich who started this minhag. Good luck up there.