EXPECTED TRAFFIC NIGHTMARE: Massive Delays Heading The Catskills This Friday


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This weekend always has lot of extra traffic heading to the Catskills: It is Shabbos Nachamu. It is also Visiting Day which always add tons of extra traffic. But that is not what authorities are concerned about.

The New York State Police is expecting unusually long traffic delays in Sullivan County coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock Festival at Bethel Woods. Traffic will heavy on Rt-17 and Rt-17b beginning Thursday August 15 through Sunday August 18.

Traffic is expected to be particularly heavy on ST-17 westbound between the New York State Thruway tolls in Harriman and exit 104 onto ST-17b in Monticello. Peak traffic for westbound lanes is anticipated between the hours of 1:00pm and 7:00pm and eastbound between the hours of 11:00pm and 2:00am. Motorists are encouraged to make alternate travel plans and avoid unnecessary travel during these hours on all four days of this anniversary concert weekend.

Additionally, heavy traffic at ST-17 exit 104 westbound may necessitate detours being put into place and motorists should be aware of alternate routes to camps and plan for these detours and heavy traffic accordingly.

Rabbi Abe Friedman, Special Assistant to the Sullivan County Sheriff encourages people to leave the city to upstate early Thursday afternoon and to avoid unnecessary traveling on the 17B.

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  1. I hope this woodstock hoo ha is not in connection with Chamisho Ossor b’Ov this Friday, because this certainly is not the intent of that very last Mishna in Taanis, describing there being no festivals like Chamisho Ossor b’Ov and Yom-haKippurim.

  2. The Woodstock 50th anniversary concert was cancelled. Too many acts backed out and as a last resort, they tried to move it to Maryland as a free concert but ultimately the promoters gave up and canceled

    Moderators Response: Again… this event is NOT cancelled and is taking place in Sullivan County.

  3. Dear Mr. Moderator,

    What is this? From Entertainment Weekly

    Woodstock 50 is officially canceled, organizer ‘saddened’ by setbacks. After a protracted months-long battle for funding and legal approvals, Woodstock 50 — the 50th anniversary of the original Woodstock music festival originally planned for this August — was officially canceled Wednesday by its organizers.Jul 31, 2019

  4. The originally planned Woodstock 50 that was planned for Watkins Glen, NY WAS cancelled and the organizers attempted to stage a similar 2 day event at Meriwether Post Pavillion outside Baltimore. That too was cancelled about 10 days ago. What will happen is a much smaller event that will be held Aug. 15-18 in Bethel, New York, the site of the original Woodstock. While scaled down the latter event is obviously going to contribute to traffic issues this weekend. Don’t argue with the Mods….their fact checker is generally infallible .

  5. Apparently Woodstock 50 and the Woodstock 50th Anniversary concert are not the same thing. There was a lot of media coverage, including the New York Times and NBC News, regarding the cancelation of Woodstock 50, but there was no mention of the fact that this was a different concert. Woodstock 50 has indeed been canceled, but Woodstock 50th Anniversary concert in Bethel Woods has not been.

  6. While it might be true certain things people wanted to do will not occur, the reality is NYS police expect 100,000 visitors to Bethel Woods over the weekend. Just visit the Bethel Woods website.

    Forewarned is forarmed.

  7. Unfortunately, the Bethel Woods Woodstock is on for Aug 15-18, though the Woodstock 50th anniversary concert has been canceled- and it is true!!

  8. I looked on line. It says the Woodstock festival is in Watkins Glen which is way up in the finger lakes region. I’m confused about this, unless there is something else going on in Bethel

  9. Where exactly is this event supposed to take place? It would be a senior citizen reunion since the majority who were at the original event would now be in their 70’s.

  10. There are 2 different events, The main event promtoted by the owner of the Woodstock trademark, had his concert cancelled. This is a smaller event that is taking place at the site of the original woodstock in Bethel

  11. This feels spooky. I’m old enough to remember the actual event 50 years ago. I remember that it caused alot of traffic then too! And to comment #1, As I see it, we teens in Camp Bnos actually did call it a “hippie convention” not knowing what was going on, as we saw cars full of strange people driving past camp. But, @ Yaakov Doe, I’m not in my 70s yet…

  12. I’m just coming from the mountains. I drove there late evening & there were digital signs put up along the way letting everyone know that there will be heavy traffic aug 15-18 cuz of diff major events gonna be this weekend. Plan accordingly. The police expect Rt 17 to be a disaster. supposedly those events were all sold out completely. So I assume they know what’s going on.

  13. And interestingly, Bethel was not SUPPOSED to be the original site of the Woodstock concert. It was supposed to be in Woodstock, NY, but the owner of the farm cancelled when he found out more about the concert. So they cancelled the place, but held the Woodstock concert in Bethel, NY. So Bethel is the site of the concert, not Woodstock! Woodstock has much of its town dedicated to the memorabilia of the concert, and many tourists flock there. But Bethel was where the concert was held, and they have a performing arts center there. And that’s where many concerts are held throughout the year. (Confused yet?)

  14. How many CR posters does it take to confuse a simple declarative statement by the Mod clarifying that there is a concert at Bethel on the anniversary of the original Woodstock that WILL occur this weekend? And no, the rumors that Lipa Schmeltzer will make a surprise appearance at the event have not been confirmed.

  15. I dont know how many tickets were sold to each concert taking place this weekend, but, the outdoor lawn at the bethel woods performing arts center (less than 10 minutes up the road from camp mogen av and less than half hr from monticello) can accomodate over 10,000 people. thats a lot of congestion each night for 4 straight nights on rt 17b.