Weiner’s Campaign Manager Quits Embattled Campaign


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weiDays after his rivals called him to quit, Anthony Weiner’s 30-year old campaign manager seemed to have heeded the call, the NY Times reports.

According to two people told of the decision, the campaign manager, Danny Kedem, no longer wished to oversee the mayoral bid after a week of bruising revelations about Mr. Weiner’s latest online conduct. .

Mr. Kedem, 30, informed Mr. Weiner of his decision in the last 24 hours, these people said.

Mr. Kedem and a spokeswoman for Mr. Weiner’s campaign declined to comment.

“His departure is a blow to a candidacy that was already short of experienced staff members, because of Mr. Weiner’s online sex scandal and his reputation as difficult boss,” writes Michael Barbaro.

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)


  1. At least Danny Kedem has a sense of shame, unlike his shameless former boss. But not to worry, Pervert Weiner. If NYC won’t hire you, try Detroit or Wash. DC. Those fine citizens who entertained us with Kwame Kilpatrick and Marion Barry may even give the likes of you a shot at being mayor.

  2. What’s with the man? Why can’t he control his horny self? Perhaps a psychologist coupled with a psychiatrist might do the trick. However in the meantime he doesn’t seem too qualified.

  3. MoeIsrael:
    He likely can control the nashim part of it. Notice that he has never been accused of any actual contact with any of these women. It’s likely the kavod/power that’s much more difficult to control.