Ukrainian Capital Names Streets After Nazi Collaborators

Ivan Pavlenko in Berlin in 1943

The Ukrainian Jewish Committee’s director has harshly criticized a decision by the Ukrainian capital’s legislature to name streets after Nazi collaborators.

Eduard Dolinsky said the Kyiv city council ruled Tuesday to name a city street after Ivan Pavlenko, whom he described as a Nazi collaborator and war criminal. Dolinsky said on Facebook Wednesday that Pavlenko led a Ukrainian unit involved in the killing of tens of thousands of Jews during the Nazi occupation of Ukraine.

Dolinsky said that the city legislators also named another Kyiv street after Nil Khasevich, an activist of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, who drew anti-Semitic cartoons and was involved in mass killings of Poles during World War II.

Dolinsky described the city council’s move as an insult to Holocaust victims. The Ukrainian authorities had no immediate reaction.



  1. why is this surprising? the ukrainians were bigger anti semites than the germans. they still are. for a few shekel or dollars they will open up uman to the potheads who enjoy going. they dont want jews. its all about the money we follishly pump into their economy.

    It is fake reported from Moscow. I don’t think it’s honest mistake of those making this false report. More likely another it is false Kremlin propaganda creation
    TO bad that ABC/AP/NY Times parroting deep multilevel Russian propaganda without fact checking. We Ukrainians really feel abandoned. Not only by Trump/ republican team, by democratic press too. Can’t believe Putin’s assets everywhere?