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Shas Calls on Bayit Yehudi to Break form the Coalition

deriShas leader Aryeh Deri is gravely concerned over the fact the new child allowance formula goes into effect this week, a reality that will result in tens of thousands of children joining the ranks of the nation’s poor.

A family with one child receives 175 NIS monthly and that sum is being cut to 140 NIS. A family receiving 438 NIS for two children will receive 280 NIS beginning on Wednesday, 15 Elul 5773. For three children, the current payment of 701 NIS will drop to 420 NIS, and a family with four children receiving 964 NIS will receive 560 NIS. Hence, the larger one’s family the more significant the financial blow.

Deri warns that as a result of Finance Minister Yair Lapid making good on his promise to voters, many children will be seated at empty table as parents will not be able to feed them. Deri announced “this will be a very sad day for the State of Israel. The government does not have a right to exist”.

The Shas leader is calling on the Bayit Yehudi party to break from the coalition.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. You mean he wants Bayit Yehudi to go back to being a religious party that favored helping the poor and supported Torah and Mitsvos?

  2. Before the last election, Shas leaders were saying terrible things about Bayit Yehui and NOW Shas needs their HELP.GO FIGURE ……!

  3. SHAS wouldn’t even speak to BY before elections,,,the Torah motto is keep all doors of communication OPEN no matter what!!

  4. If BY broke from the coalition, Deri would join it in a second. With phony peace negotiations, BY is the only ones that would stand in the way of a sellout.

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