CD48 – Kagan Condemns Hate Crime In Brighton Beach


kaganThe following is a statement from City Council Candidate Ari Kagan Condemning Hate Crime in Brighton Beach:

“Last night, an individual drew a swastika on the front door of the Congregation of New Brighton Jewish Center, located at 184 Brighton 11th Street. This is a sad reminder that, unfortunately, there are still hateful individuals in our community, who will stop at nothing to intimidate us. As a community of hardworking families and seniors, our strength comes from our diversity. For this to happen in Brighton Beach – a neighborhood my family, and so many other families came to from the former Soviet Union to escape religious persecution, is particularly outrageous and despicable.”

“The individual who committed this vile act of vandalism has committed a serious crime. I am confident that the NYPD’s Hate Crimes Unit will find whoever is responsible, and that District Attorney Hynes will prosecute this person to the fullest extent of the law. As a community, we cannot – and will not – be intimidated. I condemn this hate crime and urge the public to assist the police in finding those responsible.”

(YWN NYC Newsdesk)


  1. Kagan knows a hate crime when he sees one. He was trained in committing them in KGB University in Russia!! What a joke this Stalinist or Leninist (no-one could ever get an answer to which version of soviet thought he believed in, as he admits to not being a refusnik or dissident)is running for political office in USA!!