IDF Lays New Infrastructure To Detect Sounds Of Digging Of Tunnels By Hezbollah


A year after Operation Northern Shield destroyed six Hezbollah terror attack tunnels, the IDF began laying new technological infrastructure on Sunday morning on the Lebanese border containing sensors to detect any sounds of digging by Hezbollah forces.

IDF spokesperson Brig.-Gen. Hidai Zilberman stressed that the project is a defensive one, to thwart the digging of tunnels from Lebanon into Israel for purposes of terror, and is not based on new intelligence of active or imminent excavations by Hezbollah.

The laying of the infrastructure is beginning near the kibbutz of Misgav Am, located near Kiryat Shmona and close to the Lebanese border, and will be continued over the entire border over the next year, with exact locations to be determined according to intelligence, funding and other factors.

In December 2018, the IDF launched Operation Northern Shield, which revealed and destroyed six tunnels extending from Lebanon into Israel which Hezbollah painstakingly dug over many years using considerable resources. The IDF believes that the tunnels were built to enable thousands of Hezbollah terrorists to infiltrate and perpetrate surprise attacks on Israeli military and civilian targets in a potential future war.

Hezbollah formed Radwan Unit – a special forces unit to infiltrate and attack Israel – eight years ago.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)