Shuvu Banim Member: “There’s No Hope Of Seeing The Rav In The Near Future”


The members of Shuvu Banim, who have been closely following the developments following the arrest of their leader, Rabbi Eliezer Berland, on Sunday are gradually coming to the realization that the case won’t end any time soon.

“The situation is very difficult, it’s not simple,” one of the Shuvu Banim followers is heard saying on a recording from the group’s telephone hotline. “There’s no hope that we’ll see the Rav in the near future l’fi derech h’teva – it’s a very very difficult situation.”

“We believe that there’s koach to tefillos and therefore everyone should come to a gathering in Chevron,” the follower continued, adding that the talmidim are preparing for an atzeret tefillah in Chevron to recite Tehillim and the Tikun H’Klali on Wednesday – a day before Berland’s court hearing on Thursday morning.

“Telephone each person to perform ‘pidyon shi’vuyim,” the follower said. “We’re now obligated in ‘pidyon shi’vuyim’ to free the neshama that all of Am Yisrael depends on.”

Meanwhile, two of Berland’s associates were brought to Jerusalem’s Magistrate’s Court court for a second hearing on Tuesday regarding an extension of their detainment.

The detainment of the first suspect, who apparently was a senior and central figure in the group’s leadership, was extended for eight days and the second suspect’s detainment was extended for six days.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. These cult members appear to be well endowed with chutzpah as well. ” obligated in ‘pidyon shi’vuyim’ to free the neshama that all of Am Yisrael depends on”

    I do not depend on this guy, and nor does anyone else I know. They might wish to sing some praises for him, but to prevaricate like this is not a Torah midoh. In fact, it’s chutzpah.

  2. Lock him up and throw away the keys. The biggest phoney on 2 feet with a bunch of hooligan followers. They call themselves religious Jews while they transgress all the Jewish laws

  3. Not to worry. They will meet again soon in gehenom assuming, the beis din shel ma’alah is more efficient than the seemingly inept Israeli prosecutors and courts that allow this guy and his hoodlums to stay out of jail.

  4. To YWN: Why would this article not be under the category of loshen hara? Is there some constructive and practical purpose to this blatant form of slander?