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SEE THIS! Arab Security Prisoner Caught With 11 Cellphones INSIDE His Abdomen

A Palestinian Arab prisoner associated with Fatah was found to have 11 cellphones and 15 SIM cards inside his abdomen, Israeli Prison Services stated on Sunday.

Last Tuesday, the Arab security detainee was brought by security forces to Meggido Prison in northern Israel. While he was being processed to enter the prison, something about the prisoner’s behavior aroused the guards’ suspicion.

The guards scanned his body with a magnetometer, which beeped repeatedly over his abdominal area. The prisoner was taken to HaEmek Medical Center in Afula to be X-rayed, and the X-rays revealed three packages with 11 cellphones and 15 SIM cards within his abdomen.

“Attempts by security prisoners to smuggle banned equipment and cell phones happen all the time,” Israeli Prison Services said. “The prisoners risk their lives by carrying packages within their bodies in which most cases can cause medical complications that can be life-threatening.”

The prisoner was put into isolation and another police investigation was opened against him.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Very simple he had a surgery to have some cell phones installed. I assume they are water proof unless there was an abundance of salt there as well to protect them 😉

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