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Israel’s Health Ministry’s Orders To Yeshivos: Disposable Dishes, Empty Seat Between Each Bochur At Meals, Bochurim Should Remain In Rooms During Bein Ha’sedarim

Following Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s announcement on Thursday evening that all schools in Israel are closed as of Friday morning until after Pesach, the Health Ministry published a list of instructions for dorm schools, including yeshivos, which were not included in the general closure.

1. A yeshivah bochur who is suffering from one or more of the symptoms (cough, temperature, breathing difficulties, a cold) cannot enter the yeshivah and must return home until two days without symptoms have passed.

2. A bochur who returned from abroad in the last 14 days must remain in quarantine for 14 days from the time he returned. The yeshivah cannot serve as a place for self-quarantine

3. A bochur who returns from bein ha’zemanim from abroad is obligated to enter self-quarantine and cannot carry this out in the yeshivah dorm.

4. There should be no learning groups in groups of over 100 bochurim.

5. The entrance and exit of the yeshivah and learning areas should be adapted as much as possible to prevent the bochurim from gathering in a group.

6. During bein ha’sedarim, it’s recommended that the bochurim stay inside their rooms and not spend time in other areas.

7. Meals must be divided into groups of less than 100 so meals should be eaten in shifts. During mealtime, at least one empty place should be maintained between one bochur to another. Disposable dishes and serving platters should be used as much as possible.

8. The bochurim should be diligent about washing under a stream of water with soap before and after entering the beis medrash or dining room and after leaving the bathroom.

9. There should be utmost diligence on maintaining the cleanliness of bathroom stalls and showers and it should be ensured that there is always running water, soap, paper towels and garbage cans. Cloth towels used by more than one person should be avoided.

10. Shaking hands should be avoided.

11. Trips and events outside yeshivah should be avoided.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Excuse me, but some of these rules run against the real reasons most bochrim are enjoying their time “learning” in E.Y.
    While none of these rules seem to be against Torah, they eliminate fun.

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