Eli Beer, President Of United Hatzalah Hospitalized In Miami ICU With Coronavirus


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Eli Beer, the President of founder of United Hatzalah in israel is currently in a Miami Intensive Care Unit, presumably with COVID-19.

YWN spoke directly with Eli Beer, who has a Pneumonia in addition to the virus. He has a fever, shortness of breath and general weakness. His vital signs are B”H stable.

He is receiving truly outstanding treatment at the hospital — which is amplified by the care (medical and otherwise), leadership, and comprehensive concern being exercised by the United Hatzalah community in Miami. It might be a cliche to say that an organization is like a family — but the United Hatzalah community in Miami has shown how this cliche can be completely true.


Unfortunately, reports on social media have incorrectly spread rumors that Beer contracted the virus from a specific person. This is 100% false and hurtful to both this prominent individual and his family, as well as to Eli Beer. It is unknown where Beer got the virus.

Tehillim is needed for Eliezer Yehuda ben Chaya, among all other Cholim.

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