Online Video Rentals for The Living Torah Museum and Torah Animal World

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With schools closed and parents scrambling to find quality educational resources to keep their kids busy while also gaining knowledge, a great resource that has just launched online is The Living Torah Museum and Torah Animal World’s streaming video service

Open physically for 18 years in Boro Park and the Catskills, the museum features artifacts and taxidermied animals from the time of the Avos all the way through to the times of the Gemarah. 

Over the next few days, 81 videos of around 45 minutes each will be available to stream online at just $4.99 each for a three day rental.  

The videos span the entire age range and curriculum, from Meleches Hamishkan through Animals of the Gemarah. They bring abstract concepts to life in a realistic and visual way and can vastly enrich a child’s understanding of commonly referred to items in the Torah in a visual and realistic way. 

Parents can plan a curriculum for their children based off the parsha, with this week’s Mishkan building being a perfect example. Or they can create a plan around the Jewish holidays –  the video for Pesach explores artifacts that the current Egyptian government tried to keep hidden. Another video explores the stops the Jews made on their journey from Egypt to Eretz Yisroel during the 40 years in the desert. 

Regardless of a child’s interests, age, or current topic of study, the Torah Animal Museum has a video that can enhance their understanding in an entertaining and engaging way. Visit their site now to start streaming today.