NUMEROUS NIFTARIM MONDAY: Partial List of COVID-19 Victims From NY Area [UPDATED 10:50PM]


The following are a partial list of victims Niftar in the NY/NJ from the COVID-19 pandemic just from Monday morning until 4:30PM. Unfortunately, there are many more, but YWN does not have all the information.

While many people find these posts disturbing, many are requesting that YWN keep publishing the names and photos of as many victims are we can.

If you have any info to add, please contact YWN with the info.


R’ Yechiel Leibowitz Z”L from Monsey. His son is one of the coordinators of Boro Park Hatzolah.


R’ Yaakov Shmuel Freilach Z”L. He was 66 and lived in Williamsburg. He was the administrator of Krula Yeshiva and a brother to the well-known community activist and police chaplain, Rabbi Beirish Freilach of Boro Park.

Reb Mordechai Mendel Wieder Z”L. He was 90.

Reb Safra Spilman Z”L of Williamsburg. He was 78 and was part of the Satmar Kehilla. He was brought to Kevura in Kiryas Yoel.


Reb Moshe Grunwald Z”L, a survivor of Auschwitz. He was a direct descendant of the “Arugas Habosem”.


R’ Arish Schwartz Z”L. He was 62 and lived in Kiryas Yoel.


R’ Yosef Hirsch Z”L. He was 92, and lived in Boro Park.

R’ Binyomin Abramowitz Z”L of Boro Park. He was 42.

R’ Yosef Tzvi Klein Z”L of Boro Park. He was 50. More on this Niftar here.

R Shmuel Landau Z”L. He was 90, and was part of the Bobover Kehilla.


R’ Michel Tzvi Fettman Z”L. He was 39. More on this Niftar here.

R’ Yosef Tzvi (Yossel) Czapnik Z”L. He was around 70.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. To all Yiddisher Doctors, I may sound HARSH but you have to know that it is VERY irresponsible of you to do NOTHING for your fellow YID!!! Telling patients to rest at home until it gets so bad that they can’t breathe and then sending them to the hospital is WRONG!!!!

    I have 3 family members who ended up in the Hospital with Pneumonia one of them is on a respirator. IT is the fault of their irresponsible doctors!!!! One family member who wasn’t yet put in the ICU was hooked up with DR Vladimir Zelenko Md he prescribed him with the medication he published on-air, my family member is noe BH home and doing much better. He went from almost being put in ICU to being home and getting better.

    Doctors do the right thing and SAVE LIVES!!!! Stop saying its not protocol, and other dumb things!!!!

  2. I came across the link below Can a doctor please explain this to us? If someone comes to the hospital because of a heart condition, and they happen to test positive for the coronavirus, and they are nifter, chas v’shalom, does this death get reported officially as a coronavirus death? Or let’s say they develop pneumonia (which of course happened in some people before this coronavirus came out), is the cause of death going to be coronavirus because it is assumed that the pneumonia came from the virus, even if in fact it did not or it is not known for sure that the person got the pneumonia BECAUSE of the virus?

    This link is from the National Vital Statistics System:
    Note the section that says that the Underlying Cause of Death is the one listed last.

  3. Yossel Czapnik was a much beloved Talmid of Lakewood Yeshiva. He brought Simcha to all who knew him. He flew to Eretz Yisroel during the Yom Kippur War in 1973 to volunteer, among other great acts of Chesed in his life. His brother, Yibodel Lechayim, in Los Angeles is a great mechanech and mekarev, may H-m bring him Nechama among Availai Zion V’Yerushalayim. Please, H-m, accept the holy soul of our friend Yoseph to be mechaper for all of us and to end this Magaifa immediately!

  4. So sad! ומחה ה’ דמעה מעל כל פנים. The good question is how many of these losses were due to our own neglect in following directions from the Rabbonim and authorities.

    As for poster #1, y2r, what are doctors to do if hospitals are overloaded and have no room? Doctors are told not to send patients unless it’s life threatening. One of those niftarim listed above even called his wife to call Hatzoloh to come to his hospital bed because the hospital wasn’t responding to his call for help! Hashem yerachim.

  5. Can you report more details about your family member’s experience? What was he/she feeling before he/she started? How long did it take to kick in? What symptoms does he/she still have etc


  6. What’s happening is that a lot of patients are ending up with Pneumonia and with Doctors saying to stay home and just let it pass they are not realizing that they are becoming critical at the end. If a patient with Corona is sick for more than 5 days it is advisable yes to seek medical help and take antibiotics. I know many cases that started antibiotics and felt so much better. Dr. Zelenko is doing a fabulous job helping all his patients and saving lives