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Family Reports Matzah Bakery Owner Did Not Flee or Scam

scamn1.jpgAfter widespread reports of the latest money sting directed at the frum community, family members of the man identified as orchestrating the sting operation reject the accuracy of the reports.

They explain that yes, it is true that he has incurred a significant debt, one that amounts to about 500,000 NIS, and not 6 million NIS. They add that his business plans did not pan out and he is in a difficult situation, but he did not intend to defraud anyone and is not running away.

Family members explain that it is unfortunate that some people whose money was not returned jumped to conclusions, in this case reaching an incorrect conclusion regarding a person who is now working to find a way to repay all parties concerned.

Kikar reports askanim who were trying to assist the matzah bakery owner asked money changers to please wait and give additional time to find the money but some of them preferred to jump the gun and “spread vicious rumors”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. When is it news that the family of an accused scammer disagrees that he is a scammer? I don’t know the facts in this case, but if you want facts, don’t go to the family of the alleged scammer. I am not suggesting that the family is deliberately being deceptive, simply that they are being – well – family to the accused.

    The reporting of this story has been peculiarly cryptic in its wording and confusing in the details. Is the reporter tiptoeing around the risk of loshon hara? Perhaps the reporter should clarify this for us.

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