URGENT: Single Yeshivah Bochurim Will NOT Be Allowed Entry Into Israel Even With Entry Permits

Shuki Lehrer

YWN has been informed by the Chaim V’Chessed organization on Wednesday evening that the Interior Ministry suddenly retracted permission for single students to enter Israel.

In recent weeks, the Interior Ministry had developed a program for educational institutions to obtain entry permits for their students to enter Israel. Many yeshivah bochurim have already applied for these permits and received them. Dozens of bochurim are already en route to Israel.

On Wednesday, the Interior Ministry suddenly reversed its decision and not only will the entry permits not be issued anymore to single students but even the permits already issued are now void. If bochurim arrive in Israel with the permit, they will be denied entry into the country.

According to Chaim V’Chessed, only students already airborne at this time will be allowed to enter Israel.

Married student and their families will still be able to receive entry permits and use already issued entry permits to enter Israel

Parents of single bochurim should NOT send their children to Israel at this time, even with proper visas.

Interior Minister Aryeh Deri sent a letter to Roshei Yeshivas, saying: “Due to the deterioration of the coronavirus in Israel, I’m unfortunately forced to halt the entry of single talmudei yeshivos,” adding that avreichim with families will still be allowed entry into Israel according to the pre-existing arrangement.


(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. In other words you were to quick to reopen, threatening teachers with crazy fines, for still feeling they needed to be prudent and not come into teach.
    Yet once again, shame on you Deri, for reneging on your word, like in the days when you routinely reneged on your word to Eli Yishai.

  2. Israel would be nuts to allow ANYONE from the US to enter Israel right now. The same goes for many countries in Europe.

    Bachurim over 20 have no Halachic right to go to EY without listening to Shidduchim.
    Now that statistics prove that those delaying until 23 are guilty of causing Agunas they surely should not go to EY
    Gedoilai Ha`Poskim Paskened they are transgressing on Lo Savor Al Dam Rayecho!
    Stay in the U.S. & listen to Shidduchim!!!!!
    Lman Bnos Yisroel (Libbi)

  4. @Libbi
    Thank you for advertising how truly selfish you are! For the small percentage of people that may have thought your intentions are partially for a good cause – they now have no doubt.
    Rotten middos to use this as a forum to further your childish agenda.
    I wish you a speedy recovey.

  5. Leiv Melachim V’sarim Biyaad Hashem. DAFKA bochurim were barred entry, not married people.

    This is excellent news for girls who have been suffering, girls who simply have nobody to go out with and start a family. Shame on us for delaying our sons, for no good reason.

    In addition, the fact is that some many boys have a terrifying yeridah while in Eretz Yisrael. Which parent would want their child to go thousands of miles away completely unsupervised for a two-year vacation?! What good can come of that? Eretz Yisrael is Kedusha; a Bachur who should be in shidduchim but refuses is full of tumah.

    Stay home. Start Shidduchim. Get engaged. THEN go to Eretz Yisrael TOGETHER with your eishes chayil. This is REAL kedusha. This is REAL happiness. This is REAL responsibility. What has been happening the past few years has been pure hefkeirus.

  6. Sorry to burst your bubble Libbi and Are Roster, but newlyweds are being barred entry as well. If the wife doesn’t have a visa then they won’t get permission that way either. (And new visas currently aren’t being issued.)

  7. Roster why is going to learn in yeshiva in your mind not a good reason to not date at age 20?
    Why are boys mashubid to the girls we arent communists if there is something you want from us and something you want us to give up you gotta make a offer that we would want to accept

  8. Are Roster and Libi: So a bochur should get married so that he can get a Visa to attend yeshiva in EY and help solve the shidduch crisis in the U.S.??? Either a really sick joke or you’ve been locked up inside for too long. There are plenty of great yeshivos in the U.S. and the travel rule to EY are likely to be ack to normal for the next Z’man.

  9. Libbi, are you a Shadchan losing business? With all respect, I am having a difficult time understanding your message. Did a Rav or son’s Rebbe tell you that it’s assur for a Bachur over age 20 from a halachic standpoint? You do know that there are single girls looking for marriage in E’Y too? Some Bachurim go to E’Y to join the IDF (not looking to debate the IDF politics, just pointing something out relevant to the topic)? Some Bachurim go to E’Y to continue their yeshiva or college studies there.
    -Next, what are you talking about regarding Agunahs?
    – All this about “Gedoilai Ha`Poskim” and “Lo Savor Al Dam Rayecho” makes no sense. What do you mean by that?

  10. @Are Roster
    “Leiv Melachim V’sarim Biyaad Hashem” based on your logic
    Yeshivos were shut down – guess hashem wants bachurim to go to work.
    Shuls were shut down – guess hashem doesn’t want anybody in shul.
    Mikvaos were shut down – guess hashem wants everybody in the swimming pool.
    Millions lost their livelihood – guess hashem wants them to starve.
    What a misguided self righteous hypocrisy to attempt painting this to fit your agenda!