Emergency Meeting In Bnei Brak: “Minyanim Can Include Only 40 Participants”

Rabbanim convene for emergency meeting in Bnei Brak.

Rabbanim, Roshei Yeshivos, Dayanim and municipal officials of Bnei Brak convened for an emergency meeting on Wednesday night in the wake of the alarming rise of coronavirus cases in the city, with the number of new cases doubling in the past week.

Hagaon Harav Shimon Badani opened the meeting by crying bitterly over the severity of the situation. “A parent came to me and said that his son’s yeshivah told him he could sit in the shiur without a mask. I told him clearly: ‘You’re obligated to take your son out of yeshivah! It’s a zilzul of dinei nafashos and there’s no heter for it!’ I heard about a Jew, a yirei Shamayim who served as a sandak without wearing a mask. Who can matir something like this? Who can be meikel in dinei nefashos? It’s d’oreoiysa! He’s not scared? But the Torah Hakedosha is scared!”

Rosh Yeshivas Orchos Torah HaRav Baruch Dov Diskind said: “People need to know that whoever walks around with a mask is taking achraiyus for the whole olam H’Torah. We’re reaching a situation, chas v’shalom, of needing to close all the mosdos hTorah and shuls!”

Other rabbanim spoke as well followed by Dr. Meshulam Hart, who explained that the effects of the coronavirus, which lingers in the body and can cause complex long-term damage, obligates the public to be extremely careful to adhere to regulations.

IDF Maj.-Gen. (res.) Roni Numa, who has volunteered to assist the city, then presented the data on the infection rate in the city, including an in-depth look at the sources of infection, how the infection spread and the virus hotspots in the city, also addressing the issue of the rapid rate of infection in particularly crowded parts of the city and in mosdos haTorah, shuls, bataei midrashim and wedding halls.

Numa said that the densely populated nature of the city, believed to be the most crowded in Israel, is believed to be the primary factor in the high infection rate, adding that there’s an average of 150 children in each building in the city.

Following the speakers and the subsequent discussion, the Rabbanim signed a list of public instructions which will be issued to residents, including a directive that minyanim in all shuls, batei midrashim and heichalei ha’Torah can have only up to 40 mispalleim on weekday and Shabbos; all minyanim must strictly adhere to health ministry regulations; and anyone not wearing a mask should not be included in a minyan.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. and anyone not wearing a mask should not be included in a minyan Even for the שמונה-עשרה one MUST keep their mask on.
    Minyanim Can Include Only 40 Participants With only 78 days left until ראש-השנה, begin working on having numerous back-up חזנים for the numerous small Minjanim which shall have to convene this year.

  2. Look closely at the photo;
    The majority of Rabbonim shown are not wearing their masks properly ( I.e. over the nose and mouth and under the chin)

  3. Also, didn’t the CDC say that having a beard (during this “pandemic”) is a pikuach nefesh? I dont see any of the rabbonim shave their beards yet

  4. The Rabbis are only getting info from the lying Gov and media. Some Rabbis take the time to investigate other independent news and very quickly realize the Corona is a big Bluff to control the people and convince them they need the vaccine when it comes out in October which can stop them from ever having children grandchildren and even kill them.
    Listen to dozens of videos of Rav Amnon Yitzchak anoung others exposing the lies revealing the truth. virustv.news