NYC Schools Will Reopen In September, De Blasio Says


Mayor Bill de Blasio said Thursday that the city is “full steam ahead” for reopening schools in September, with multiple plans already being discussed to bring as many students back to classrooms as possible.

“We are doing the work right now to make September successful, to make the new school year successful,” de Blasio said at his daily briefing. “We’re full steam ahead for September—the goal of course to have the maximum number of kids in our schools.”

The mayor said 450,000 families responded to a recent survey about schools. The survey found 75 percent of families wanted to send their children back to school in September.

De Blasio said the city is developing multiple plans and contingencies with teachers, principals and parents.

Among the precautions being taken to keep students safe are social distancing, hand washing stations and hand sanitizer throughout schools and deep cleaning every day. Face coverings will also be required, with free face coverings available for everyone who needs them.



  1. It would be nice if his plans actully made sense to the teachers that work in the system. Because none of his hybrid learning plans make sense. There is no plan for full opening with all stduenst for the fall as of yet.

  2. I am not sure the headline correctly interprets the news article. DeBlasio said he and others are working on multiple plans to open schools, but clearly they are not opening as they did in September 2019. And surprise, surprise, a majority of parents want schools to reopen, but that does not guide the decision-makers – or anyone else – on whether it is reasonably safe to reopen the schools. If social distancing is going to be practiced in the reopening, that means that school rooms must be less than half full.

    I have no idea how schools can or should open, but if reopening causes COVID to rise, reopening is dangerous and unwise.