SEE IT: Brooklyn Man Arrested For Setting off Fireworks Which Burned Down Home


A man was arrested for allegedly setting off fireworks that burned down a home in Brooklyn.

Damien Bend, 36, is charged with arson in the fourth degree.

On June 24, firefighters responded to the home on E. 51 St. for reports of a fire on the first floor of a two-and-a-half story home.

It took 60 firefighters to bring the flames under control.

The Fire Marshal said video footage obtained of the incident shows Bend igniting fireworks in the driveway of the home when a burst from one of them entered an open window on the first floor.

The Fire Marshal said Bend continued to set off the remaining fireworks before entering his house to retrieve more.

In the last nine days, Fire Marshals have arrested 17 people and confiscated approximately $36,700 worth of illegal fireworks.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I wonder if the insurance carrier will pay for the damage from a resident causing a fire through illegal activity. I had a neighbor set their house on fire years ago on July 4th with fireworks but there was no video of them causing the fire.