El Al Agrees To Meet With Potential Buyer Eli Rozenberg

Photo: אלבטרוס (El Al Twitter)

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El Al’s board of directors has agreed to meet with Eli Rozenberg, son of New York businessman Kenny Rozenberg, who has submitted an offer to purchase a controlling stake in the company, Globes reported.

However, the El Al board is demanding a meeting with Rozenberg himself instead of his representatives as he requested.

“My client requests that your client should participate personally in the meeting,” El Al’s attorney, Adv. Dori Klagsbald wrote, adding: “It is not clear why your client should not answer the basic questions we shall ask simply and clearly.”

Klagsbald also commented on “the lack of an answer to the question whether in the acquisition process your client, in fact, represents his father and/or other investors, and a lack of detail concerning his financial and business capacity.”

Last week, Rozenberg received a permit from Israel’s Government Companies Authority to buy a controlling stake in El Al.

As YWN reported, El Al sent a letter to Rozenberg over a week ago, refusing to set up a meeting with his representatives until he answers several questions.

The letter asked for clarification of the true identity of the buyer, Eli Rozenberg or his father Kenny, who as a foreign resident cannot legally purchase control of El Al.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I also can’t wait for proper Zmanei Tefila on the passengers tablets, organised Minyanim in the back of the plane at pre-set times etc.

    But why doesn’t Kenny R. become Israeli Citizen for the purpose of the sale? Tax ramifications?