Judge: Rubashkin’s Appeal Will Take Time


srubnA judge says it’s going to take time for her to consider the appeal of a former Iowa slaughterhouse manager serving prison time for financial misconduct.

U.S. District Judge Linda Reade said Tuesday she’s started to skim Sholom Rubashkin’s application for post-conviction relief. She told attorneys she has many other appeals to consider before Rubashkin’s, and, “I’m not going to get to this for awhile.”

Rubashkin once ran the Agriprocessors plant in Postville. He’s serving a 27-year prison term after being convicted of defrauding the company’s lender out of millions.

Rubashkin’s appeal argues the government interfered with the plant’s sale, which increased the bank’s losses and led to a longer sentence. It also argues the government should’ve disclosed its contacts with Judge Reade about an immigration raid at the plant.



  1. This is the strangest appeal I have ever heard of. The same judge, Linda Reade, who gave Rubashkin an ourageous sentence, is the one to hear his appeal. Of course, she is is no hurry to “review” it because she is already biased against him. Especially, when part of the appeal states, “the government should’ve disclosed its contacts with Judge Reade about an immigration raid at the plant”. Does anyone really expect her to REALLY consider his appeal. Why is there no hue and cry? Why aren’t the wire services picking up this catch-22 situation? Why is that district appeals court allowed to mandate that the SAME judge hears his appeal? UNBELIEVABLE !!!

  2. Can someone explain the details of this case ? I understand Mr. Rubashkin was imprisoned for hiring illegal immigrants and not paying his bills on time. If true, there r a lot of others who should be imprisoned as well–many of us r guilty of paying r bills late. Am i oversimplifying the case ?????
    A goy, Gerry Mullen

  3. This is the most outrages things I ever heard

    Why is this even being called an appeal?

    Same corrupt judge hears an appeal on herself.

    This fits the Obama judicial department

  4. I think Mr Rubashkin is appealing his sentence not his guilt or innocence that is why he is going in front of the same judge.I think it is called a 2255.

  5. A smug, arrogant, and corrupt judge.

    Justice?–Are you kidding?

    Read the book on this whole corrupt system entitled: “three felonies a Day.”–

    “Three Felonies a Day is the story of how citizens from all walks of life—doctors, accountants, businessmen, political activists, and others—have found themselves the targets of federal prosecutions, despite sensibly believing that they did nothing wrong, broke no laws, and harmed not a single person. From the perspective of both a legal practitioner who has represented the wrongfully-accused, and of a legal observer who has written about these trends for the past four decades, Three Felonies a Day brings home how individual liberty is threatened by zealous crusades from the Department of Justice. Even the most intelligent and informed citizen (including lawyers and judges, for that matter) cannot predict with any reasonable assurance whether a wide range of seemingly ordinary activities might be regarded by federal prosecutors as felonies.”

  6. To Dr G

    This is outrages and the stupidest thing ever.

    This judge is the one who the complaints are being put forth. She is also the one who gave him the most outrages sentence according to judges, lawyers and folks alike.

    What do u expect for her to say, I made a mistake, I screwed up????

    Come on, get real!!!!

    Why is there NO outcry!!!!

    We need to daven, he should be freed shortly, and this wicked judge should have be punished for trying to murder a innocent man and his family!!!