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Rosh Chodesh and Women of the Wall are Returning to the Kosel

Sukkos_5774-088Rosh chodesh in recent months has been accompanied by confrontations between the chareidi tzibur and the Women of the Wall organization, which over the past decades has been quietly doing its thing at the Kosel on Rosh Chodesh. There can be no doubt that the recent monthly confrontations have benefited the women for negative publicity is still publicity. In addition, the organization has gained significant worldwide support, depicted as the underdog and victims of religious discrimination by “fanatic ultra-Orthodox elements”.

This erev Shabbos is rosh chodesh once again, Marcheshvan, and the Women of the Wall plan to do their thing, at 07:00. Unlike the case in recent months, the organization is not running buses from areas around the country to bring in supporters.

On that same note, Kosel Rav Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz is calling on the frum community not to send bnos yeshivos to the Kosel for shachris, a move apparently intended to restore the former status quo, that a small number of women hold their monthly service out of the media spotlight.

In his statements to the press, Rabbi Rabinowitz cited the women will return for their “monthly provocation”, pointing out they rejected the compromise solution of Minister of Religious Service Naftali Bennett. Bennett designated a new area of prayer, at Robinson’s Arch, to permit non religious Jews to conduct their services in line with their wishes.

The rabbi adds that due to increasingly tensions surrounding Hay Habayis, he thinks it would be best for the frum tzibur at large to permit the rosh chodesh event pass without a ruckus. Jerusalem Police commanders, who are concerned over the recent escalation in Har Habayis confrontation, are calling on the frum community to refrain from calling for a large rosh chodesh showing.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Maybe we should give it a few tries of ignoring them and seeing what happens. If by Adar they’re still acting up, we can get rid of their Purim Torah with mass responses again.

  2. #1) that is not what Rabbi Rabinowitz is saying. He wants us to wage a different war. He may just be right. His war i sto ignore them and they may just go away. If no one even looks at them, tehy may just do that.

    Lets analyze it:
    1) They are not religious – they say so themselves
    2) They aren’t interested in Tefila/Davening, for if they were, shouldn’t they daven daily?
    3) Until we pushed back only a small amount of these so called WoW people even showed up, only after we waged a “macha’ah” did they start coming enmasse.
    4) They did not accept the Robinson Arch compromise, because that will not cause the same “attention ruckus” they are trying to achieve.

    based on the above, one can conclude that all they care about is “attention.” Therefore, should you ignore them, and they dont get their attention, they will go away.

  3. Maybe, just maybe, if we leave it alone and don’t protest, the WOW will just leave. It is possible that they crave all this attention given to them.

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