As Zeman Ends, 100s Of Israeli Bochurim Will Remain In Yeshivos

Bochurim at Yeshivas Sechar Sachir in Netivot.

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Shortly before the end of Elul zeman, there have been numerous coronavirus outbreaks in Israeli yeshivos, with the yeshivos essentially being converted into “coronavirus hotels.”

Hundreds of bochurim and staff members, including three Roshei Yeshivah, have tested positive for the coronavirus – at Yeshivos Kol Torah, Orchos Torah, Chemed, Landau, Wolfson, Sechar Sachir, Itri, and many others.

Thee coronavirus commissioner for the Chareidi sector, Gen. Roni Numa, prepared a plan for yeshivah bochurim to return home safely by arranging for coronavirus tests to be carried out for all bochurim in recent days. Those who tested negative returned home on Motzei Yom Kippur but those who tested positive remained in their yeshivos, which will be classified as “coronavirus hotels.”

Yeshivas Chevron, which was one of the few yeshivos that ended the zeman with zero coronavirus cases among its 1,200 bochurim, was converted into a coronavirus hotel after the bochurim left. Hundreds of bochurim who are currently ill with the coronavirus will come from other yeshivos to Chevron, which has a large campus.

The infection rate in Chareidi cities has soared in recent weeks and data shows that the majority of those infected are below the age of 26.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Presumably, its safer for all, especially the older rabbonim, to keep those yungerleit who tested positive locked away in quarantine until the infection risk has been minimized. I’m sure their parents also don’t want them coming home to infect other members of the family who might be at risk.

  2. May they all be well as older staff. On other hand, it wont be bad for klal Yistoel to have all those extra hours of limud torah that I am sure they will now learn more than otherwise would, this sukkos break…

  3. Corona is merely getting people it didn’t already get. So right now, it might be affecting Arabs and Secular Jews, but it already infected religious Jews. Saying that Observant Jews are more likely to get it is somewhat inaccurate. We are merely a larger minority in cases.

    P.S. We now have better testing for Corona, so the ability to know if an entire city has it is possible.